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    I have a blog where I want the tags, but not the links. I have one person who I blog about who has the last name of Bush, but the tag link to his name leads to the political Bush family, someone who is not like him.

    How can I get rid of the links to the tags so they either just show other posts of mine with those tags or does not link at all?

    I am using the Mistylook theme.


    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the blog please.



    To remove the Posted in and tags stuff from below the posts would require the paid CSS upgrade and CSS editing experience. There is no official support for the CSS upgrade and few here in the forums that know much about it. It is suggested that you study up on CSS with some of the online tutorials before purchasing the upgrade. There is a free preview function at appearance > edit CSS so that you can try things out and preview them before committing to the upgrade.

    Search the support pages for “CSS” to learn more about the CSS upgrade and to find links to the online tutorials.


    By the way, hiding the tags and categories will also hide the “comments” link which means people will have to know to click on the title of the post to get to the permalink page to read or make comments.



    /nod to tsp

    I was going to suggest changing the name of the tag to include more of the person’s name, but I see a tag John Bush, so is this sorted now?

    Also, putting the tag cloud in your sidebar will lead people to posts on your blog with those tags.



    Just a side note: In the Journalist v1.9 theme that I am using the CSS for the post metadata for tags/categories, comments and author/date is separated, thus allowing to hide the global tags/categories, but leave the # of comments and author/date visible. I’m not sure how many other themes are like that.


    Few are like that actually, but I wish more were.

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