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Getting rid of superfluous new "search for" text next to search boxes

  1. In at least some of the themes, new text has been added to the sidebar search form -- "Search for:" In the Freshy theme, it results in an aesthetic disaster, displacing the button from the form. I was able to remove it with label {display:none;} and the same trick worked at another site I administer that uses Andreas04 (where it wasn't so offensive, but still seemed superfluous). I'll leave it to the CSS experts to advise whether this fix is a good idea or not.

  2. I guess what I don't know is whether this "label" property is used for anything else that might be affected by blocking its display.

  3. Can you give a link, starting with http, please. I need to see it.

  4. sonofbruce,

    If there are more 'label' tags in your blog, your code will render them invisible. However, there's a 'hidden' class used in the "Search for:" label. So, I'd suggest you define/modify the 'hidden' class like so:

    lable.hidden {display: none;}


  5. devblog - glad to know that I came up with the right answer :) Now - maybe you can help the guy in this thread?

  6. sure thing, Vivian.

    BTW, I answered your question at the other forum.

  7. Thanks!

  8. @devblog - Thanks for the prompt feedback. Glad to see some knowledgable folks are still checking in here.

  9. @vivianpage - I swear I searched the forums for "search box" before posting this! Ah, well. Good to have devblog's input too, I guess.

  10. sonofbruce - the forums search function is wonky so I'm not surprised you didn't find it. But you got an answer from the man, the one who has taught me so much about CSS :)

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