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    For some reason when our website was set up it went through wordpress or something and now when people search us instead of having at the end it has or some crap and i dont want it. I have had our website restructured NOT using wordpress and now when I search in google for my Club the first one to come up is the old one with wordpress and i DO NOT want it. Someone please help me as WordPress are NO help what so ever, you cant even contact them, this is the WORST company i have ever ‘dealt’ with – so to speak. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you truly do not want your website, then delete it, with the understanding that you can never get it back again.

    It will take a while before search engines remove the site in their findings.



    You can also set the blog to “Private” and that will also block all traffic into the blog. Both methods give visitors a box that says not here any more.

    How much did WordPress.COM charge you for your blog? My guess is zero – so why yell at someone that gave you a great deal for looks like two years? Do you serve free lunches at your club? Why yell at WordPress.COM for Google giving you a high search return – most people would kill for a high Google ranking.



    my suggestion would have been to pay the very little amount of money to allow you to choose you domain (and then you would have chosen .com instead of as explained here
    You might have kept a better visibility that provides WordPress.



    There is no point complaining that has better SEO than your existing site. If it bothers you, delete the blog or use the domain mapping as suggested above. If you want a different site to outrank the blog here, get blogging to it!

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