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Getting rid of

  1. I just purchased the domain from wordpress but when I go to my site it says in the url bar. How do I make it so that is there instead? Is this possible?



  2. That didn't answer my questions and that is why I came to the forum... Oh, and thanks for the sarcasm as well.

  3. joshuapohl,

    Wasn't your question basically, "How do I take ‘wordpress’ out of my url?" Isn't that what you want to do?

    I myself don't particularly like sarcasm when I'm asking for help in the forums. Then again, I DO search the FAQ first so I've never had any directed at me. But I understand how you feel. However, vivianpaige couldn't have answered your question more clearly than she did.


  4. Sorry for being a n00b. My bad...
    No, I have a domain and I basically want to mask over the wordpress urls I am directing it to.

  5. You have to purchase the domain mapping upgrade. Maybe this faq in particular will help:

  6. Never mind. I don't think what I want to do is possible. I just remember being able to do it a long time ago when I was using a different service. Guess I'll get to work on my custom website... Thanks for the help everyone! Sorry for getting an attitude in the beginning.

  7. @Joshuapohl - if what you want to do is what you asked in your original question, i.e. have your blog at the url, with that in the address bar, then you can certainly do it. That is exactly what the domain mapping service you've been pointed to does. If you meant something else, could you explain what it is, so we can see if we can help.

  8. I want to keep the blog at but I want everyone to see in the url bar.

  9. .net, my bad. I own that domain by the way.

  10. So what you are missing is the domain mapping upgrade.

  11. Once you've bought the upgrade, it can take a bit of time for the change to kick in. Have you gone through the steps in the FAQ?

  12. With this purchase, are you able to put ads on your blog?

  13. No. If you follow the link Vivian provided way up there, you'll see that it does not exempt you from any ToS.

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