Getting someone else’s URL name?

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    Hi I’m looking to start a political blog called Gloves Off and would like to have a url name, but someone has the name i want and they haven’t updated since 2005. What can I do about this situation?


    No, wordpress won’t take their blog away from them and give it to someone else – even if it sits for 10 years.

    Leave a comment on the blog and see if the blogger is willing to transfer it over to you.


    This FAQ covers the above subject: .



    /nod to tsp. (Another really important FAQ that doesn’t have a Support counterpart, which is frankly quite odd, as this question is asked again and again.)


    But you are speaking about an unused blog names what happen if the name that you want has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
    It would be possible for me to get this subdomine Also its the same that my bussines


    Doesn’t matter, once a blog is deleted (whether by staff for TOS violations or deleted by the blog owner) it is gone.

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