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Getting Splogged !!

  1. This character has set-up many WP blogs (it seems) and copied and pasted my posts on his/her junk sites to get AdSense revenue. Please! have this person removed. The thief's IP So far I know of two stories being snuffed. So far I have linked it to some Cornell guy named Elliott Back: Prince of Principalities--but that may be an alias i.e. " a wordpress plug in by Elliott". Also Even if its not hosted by WP they should restrict their hard work to the legal users by agreement--EULA!!.

  2. If it has to do with Elliot Back or 'a wordpress plugin by Elliot' then I can assure you that it would be a self-hosted blog and not one hosted on The plugin AutoBlog in this case cannot be installed on hosted service. It would be a site that has their own own hosting.

    I understand your frustration. There are quite a few posts here of people's posts being 'borrowed or stolen' from us. I would try and contact the site author myself.


  3. Contacting the blog's author is like trying to talk to Walt Disney.
    It just can't happen.
    I've been splogged so many times that I just let them go these days.
    Too frustrating.
    Google be damned.
    They should do something to stop the splogging shitstorm.
    But do they?
    Yeah, right.

  4. There is a copyright blogger with us that has some great useful background information available at:

    Contacting the author depends on the circumstances. I have some that take articles off the web that used an entry or 2 off me that removed them when asked and then there are the garden variety 'spam for the traffic' authors that just steal any article that might get hits.


  5. If plexusity would post broken links to the repostings in question, we can give morre information on the proper procedure. The IP given is a DSL line and shouldn't be doing any hosting.

  6. "There have been a lot of questions recently about how to deal with blog scrapers, and i thought it might be useful to put up a step-by-step guide for sending a DMCA notice (or not)."

    Please refer to this excellent instructional forum post by judyb12 ...
    DMCA or Not?

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