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  1. No idea how to set up a nice looking page. Color, graphics. See a few here, so Duh, what do I do?

  2. You will find a choice of themes available to you in the admin section of your blog here => Dashboard => Presentation => Themes - you can scroll down and make a choice by clicking on it. Then you can view your blog and the you selected theme will be visible.

  3. Got that figured out. Now, how do I add photos?

  4. Not to turn you away from the forums completely but you may get your answers much faster if you check out this page:

    which will have a lot of the questions beginners have. I found it very useful when i first began. If you get stuck and can't find it there then by all means bring your questions to the forum. Here is the link to the add photos question also:

  5. I have panic attacks reading tooo much info, and will usuall screw things up. For example, I am trying to set up ctagories, but deleted it instead. Cannot figure out how to put it back and set up catagories.

    Sorry, it's a learning curve thing. I alway do better if a live person tell me what to do.

    So, how do I set up catagories?

  6. Dashboard > Manage > Categories > Add New

  7. For post categories:
    Dashboard > Manage > Categories > Add New

    doh! beaten!

  8. But my page layout looks crappy, and I can't get catagories etc to line up on the right. Sorry guys, but this is way new to me, and reading the faq doesn't seem to helping.

    If you want to see my dilema.

    All help is appreciated!!


  9. That's the theme you've chosen: it displays them at the bottom. Just pick a different theme that has categories in the sidebar.

    Also, remember that you can't tinker with the layout too much here at unless you learn CSS and buy the Custom CSS upgrade. If you're primarily a writer, I wouldn't worry about it, as the people checking your blog don't really care about layout as long as it's easily readable.

  10. Thanks, Rain coaster.

    I need to refer clients to this to see writing samples, but can't seem to get everything to list under catagories.

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