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  1. Hello everyone. I relly like the idea of blogging with WordPress, but need an initial push. Can any one help me? I have my own website, which I 'run' from a Mac using iWeb, which is really simple and unfortunately 'no longer supported' by Apple. That's not actually the problem. I would just love to port everything over to Word Press, just have 1) no idea how, 2) how much gets 'lost in the translation' and 3) setting-up and 'how it goes from here' questions. I feel very tiny in your massive community and really just want the initial shove to get me going on what I see as a marvelous and creative community. My website and blog is at, for anyone that would like to look and offer me help and advice. I have been doing computers (mostly macs) since 1984 when I bought my Lisa, so am not completely computer illiterate, but really do look for some advice on the 'changeover' to WordPress! Thanks, Peter

  2. I'm afraid it looks like you're in for a long copy/paste job, as iWeb doesn't support any export function at all. You'll have to copy the text in each of your posts, create a new post here, paste it in (paste it in the Text editor and format in the Visual editor after it's all pasted in) add a title and tags/categories/images, and then publish the post.

    This will get you started on how to use

  3. Thanks, Raincoaster, thanks for your reply. I had imagined that. Not a problem. I would still need to know how to go about it? Do you think that it would be done in a month or so? I would like do do it 'in the background' and update it 'when it it is finished'? Did you like the website as such? Is a similar structure possible with Word Press...? Thanks, Peter

  4. You will not be able to replicate the design unless you're a skilled CSS editor and you buy the Custom Design upgrade. There are lots of great dark themes you can use for free here, though.

    Yes, it could be done in a month. It would take perhaps fifteen minutes per post, so you could do it in your spare time. The first few will be the hardest. All you need to do is make sure you're using Posts for the blog posts and Pages for the static pages.

    And, before you copy paste ANYTHING at all, go to Dashboard->Settings->Writing and select "Wordpress should correct invalidly nested XHTML" and Save. That prevents the copy paste procedure from introducing cumulative HTML errors that can wreck your blog.

  5. Sounds good... will have to look into this. Once the transition is made, afterwards should be 'plain sailing'??

  6. Yes, is very easy to use.

  7. The main problem that I am having getting my head around this is that I actually want to keep the website and blog where they are now hosted... just using the WordPress 'interface'. This is because of statistics and other 'conveniences', that I want to keep in one place, and because of the TLD address, of course! Is this possible without losing the website for weeks in the interim?? (i.e. while I'm copying all the stuff over) Thanks, Peter

  8. Then what you want is an independent WordPress.ORG install. But this is a bad choice: iWeb is not supported, which means that it has entered the death spiral. It will cease to work, little by little, until it is completely useless.

  9. Uh-oh! That makes things a little different: I have the possibility, offered by my Host, to install Word Press into mt domain... is this what you mean?? So best to steer clear of that?. I miss mu blog being 'commentable' and a few other features that I feel that Word Press can offer. Is there an alternative that you could recommend, or should I just stick with what I'm doing now?? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Peter

  10. Yes, I am aware of the iWeb death spiral, this is why I actually want to change over... but I still have to keep the website up, during the changeover, that was actually what I need to know how to do, as I don't want to change the TLDF I have. Which Web-design software is completely immaterial, but for meantime, I don't want to lose my web-presence. What I mean by that is, that I don't want to be hosted on a sub-domain of Word Press', if you see what I mean. iWeb must go, unfortunately and 'sandbox' is a very poor copy, with far fewer features and dead end as far as I'm concerned. They don't have their hearts in it, I feel and only want to tap into the loyal iWeb followers and drain their accounts. Their templates are expensive and absolutely restrictive. Not good. That's not how iWeb was conceived...

  11. I don't think keeping your iWeb AND adding a WP blog of any kind is a good idea. But I do think that using either software or moving the whole thing to is a good idea. The main differences are: here we don't pay for hosting, we can't customize our themes without a paid upgrade, can't post ads, can't use javascript, raw flash, or iframes, can't use plugins. But never have to do tech support, upgrades, or security.

  12. Thanks, But I think that you misunderstood, at least partially.

    I want to trash iWeb, but only after I have SET UP the WP ready to go, so that I can swap from the iWeb to WP seamlessly, but STILL stay on my present server (I want the website address to stay the same, I have other websites hosted there, but only this one has a blog)...

  13. Ah, okay. Well, the address can be pointed at that server or at one here, it's entirely your decision. If you wish to stay with your current host instead of getting a blog, then you need to be at WordPress.ORG for further instructions.

  14. Cheers, I'll go have a look!

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