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    They should at least have a free version so I know what im dealing with before I buy…
    There are customized themes available. Here are some links to 8 of them to give you an idea of what is possible.
    And you can search for more here on the css customization forum.

    They should at least have a free version so I know what im dealing with before I buy…
    This should be posted in the ideas forum for sysadmin to consider.

    I tried to put google adsnse ads on but it didnt work…
    Adsense has nothing whatsoever to do with customizing the css of a blog. Please do a search of the forums for the word “Adsense”. You will find perhaps two dozen threads on the topic. The short answer is that adsense is not allowed on any blogs except those in the VIP hosting program.
    Adsense may be allowed in the future as a paid option but there is no timeline for that. However, currently adsense IS allowed on self-hosted blogs, and for information read the thread at this link



    Ok I’m a newbie – and yes there are loads of general tutorials – but what I am looking for and seems to be missing is some reference on the WordPress use of CSS. Where is the doc saying “these are the classes and id tags that WP has defined for it’s HTML pages”? From the little I’ve learnt of CSS there’s no use saying that you want p.right paragraphs with an indent of 10px unless you know a “p.right” class exists in the first place. Yes you can look at the CSS example sheets and work out what elements in most cases they refer to – but have I missed an obvious link or something?



    I found it – I would suggest there should be a direct link on the Custom CSS page itself – as well as the current overall documentation link.


    the site structure varies from theme to theme. that’s why there is no such document. the codex page linked above has information about classic and kubrick(default). there is information about sandbox here:
    and here:

    for the rest of the themes, firebug is your friend.



    Good question from timple… good answer from sbk (each in the last few replies in this topic).
    I’d add that, once you know a specific theme you’d like to custom-CSS, you can look in the CSS forum here for mention of that theme. For example, I posted a link to my CSSing of Simpla (and the posts in which I describe that are a steady, if modest, impetus for visits to my blog).
    I guess that made the decision to offer a variety of themes, even though that means a variety of “site structure.” They could have used a similar level of resources to offer a narrower, but more consistent, range of themes. I think that they made the right decision.



    I purchased the custom css upgrade. but when i go to presentation -> edit css, i am still unable to edit and save any css. Only the preview option is available. Is this some kind of bug or something? Or do I have to wait a few days before the custom css is activated. Or do I have toactivate somewhere?



    Just a pointer for folk asking about classes. Although we can not edit the html an important first step to the CSS is reading and in time understanding how the various templates – beginning with index.php (the first page) are marked up. We need to know for example what the major containers (divs) are called. How the spans are aplied. And what each class does. There is no two ways to cut this. It takes time even for experienced users. In some ways writing a new theme is easier than adapting a current one for that reason. Plus of course if you change themes half way you might need to retrace some steps. The important thing is that the learning process is fun, and in time very valuable.

    Next up – it is worth restating that Firefox is not only a stunning browser – as is Opera – but they both come with a humungous amount of tools that are very handy for this type of malarkey.

    It is also worth getting fitted up with a half decent text editor for your platform. Like anything else in life having the right tools really helps. The good news is that all this stuff is free. Good luck. :)

    Best Wishes

    Root 2.0. :)


    it’s supposed to activate pretty quickly, but it’s not instantaneous. if it’s been more than a day, use the feedback form in your dashboard.


    yes, in addition to firefox+firebug, i use microsoft’s visual web developer for editting CSS.
    * it’s free
    * it highlights the CSS, so it’s easier to read
    * auto-suggestion
    * in the sidebar, it shows my CSS grouped by elements, classes, or id’s.

    i’m sure there are other good text editors out there, but for the love of god, don’t use notepad.



    If I purchase the CSS upgrade, would I be able to make avatars not show up on my blog?



    can I insert statcounter without buying the upgrade?



    That has nothing to do with CSS, but yes. Put it in a text widget.



    thank you



    Ok. So I am a “newb” at all this CSS stuff, so these questions are probably going to seem elementary or just plain stupid to some of you….but….I must start somewhere!!

    I just purchased the custom CSS upgrade and I downloaded some other “themes” that I would like to play with on my blog. (themes outside of what WordPress offers)

    I have no idea where to start.

    I downloaded two separate themes. Both “zipped” files contained all kind of stuff I don’t understand, and I don’t know where I am supposed to copy and paste this new info. I tried to import this new info into my CSS spreadsheet…..and I have seen nothing new whatsoever. When I previewed the new look…nothing was different.

    Please help!



    Themes outside of what you see here ->Presentation -> themes are a “no go”. The files you have downloaded are for free standing software. is on wp-MU multi-user software. They are differenet. Have you read thye sticky post at the head of the forum titled “Please read me first before posting”?

    Check out this link for more information … personalizing your blog css customization


    timethief im new in here. i havent purchased the css cunstomization yet. so is it not possible to have a cbox widget on my blog?



    We have no idea what that is. It sounds like it’s not related to this thread, so why not do a forum search for it and see if there’s another one on it already?



    I have a blog on

    I purchased the ability to customize css. I was at first completely able to edit the css, changing colors and column widths.

    Now I am no longer able to edit the css.

    I edit my css code and save it to notepad. Then I paste my css edits into the CSS Stylesheet Editor. To absolutely no effect.

    I’m certain I am doing something wrong but what?

    I’d appreciate some help.




    after you paste the code what happens?



    I’m delighted with the ease of use of the provided themes, but as with calypsotune above, I would like to make avatars go away.

    Is there a way to excise the avatar code with something that can be tacked onto the end of the css stylesheet to override it? I would happily buy an upgrade for that alone.

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