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Getting Started with Custom CSS

  1. Well there are several templates that don't display avatars, and you can configure the Recent Comments widget so it doesn't show avatars either, so why not change those two things instead, if that's all you want?

  2. Good suggestion, raincoaster, but my co-bloggers in what will be a group blog are very high on the Garland theme. As a workaround, I've uploaded a white box as my avatar, so it appears that nothing is appearing. Of course that won't work for those who haven't uploaded anything at all - they'll get the default shadowy figure.

  3. For the sake of those who have the same question I had, it is not possible to not display avatars on comments when using the Garland theme. WordPress support told me that directly - and it was a quick response, too, BTW.

    Buying the upgrade and attempting to css-style your way out of the problem won't work, either, they said, because the presence of an avatar is specified in the code, which civilians can't touch.

  4. Not true.

  5. Could you explain a bit further, atthe404? If it is possible to remove avatars in Garland's comments, I'd like to be able to do it.

    Here's what WordPress support said about it:

    I'm sorry but the theme cannot be modified with css to do what you need. It would require the actual code to be changed and we do not allow that.

  6. You can unview anything by using {display:none} in the CSS

  7. How do I upload images that I want to use in my custom CSS? For example instead of the text for the title of my blog, I would like to show an image of my logo, but how do I upload it so that I can call it from the custom CSS?

  8. bburney,

    Go to write, write post. Below the textarea you will see the upload feature. There just browse for your image and that's it. To know its path, make sure the 'full' (next to Show:) and 'none' (next to Link To:) radio buttons are checked and click on the [Send to Editor] button. That's it.


  9. devblog - much thanks - that worked perfectly. Very helpful forums!

  10. clayboycreative

    I'm trying to alter the font family for headings H1, H2, H3 etc in Ambiru theme. While I have been able to alter most of the fonts using the body selector, my theme seems to be loading the author H styles after my custom style-sheet as they remain in the original font and when I debug with firebug, the original styles appear after mine and cancel mine out. I've tried over-riding this using !important, but its still not working. Does anyone know why this is?

  11. i created a blog in iweb, is there a way i can upload it to here, or make it so that wordpress redirects you to it?

  12. @aimeelovesyou
    Does iweb have an exporter? You will need an xml copy of your contents to import them into a blog.
    You can purchase a domain and domain mapping from
    You can also purchase a css editing upgrade

  13. @clayboycreative
    I'm only learning css myself. I understand what you mean and do not know why the theme has been coded the way it has. I'll bump this up to css experts to get an answer your question.

  14. i have bought the upgrade, and after doing what I thought was changing the culumn width on an exisiting theme I have up, chose a non fixed width theme and accepted that it would be less pretty like that, but I needed to fix the font size. I opened the css and upped every fons size by 2, clicked save and nothing changed

    now what do i do?

    Is there a way to just change the column width of an existing theme?
    if not
    is there a way to change the font size?

  15. @clayboycreative
    I would like to suggest that you post a new post into the css customization forum so it comes to the attention of those who have css expertise

    I'm also advising you to do the same.

    @both of you
    The css editing upgrade is not recommended for bloggers who do not have previous css editing skills. There is no staff support for learning css editing. You will be doing the css editing yourself. And, the only support you may receive on this forum may come from those with css expertise who may from time to time drop into the forum and lend a hand.

    The Sandbox10 theme used to place another theme's stylesheet into it and edit the css in. Sandbox10 is a theme rich with powerful and dynamic semantic class selectors; it's a canvas for CSS artists.

    When you post to the css customization forum it's a good idea to state which theme you are customizing the css for.

    Best wishes :-)

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