Getting Started with WordPress

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    I have installed WordPress using Fantastico from my cPanel. I have my own domain and after the installation I am unsure of what to do from here in order to create content and build my site. I registered the free blog with WordPress so I can write this post and was unsure if I needed to do that to accomplish my goal. I already have a drupal site on my domain but I wanted to try out WordPress and if I liked that better, ultimately make the switch and continue on to use WordPress. However, at this point, I am already quite lost. Fantastico had me set up MySQL during the install so I think I am ok there. If anyone can help me, thank you, and your time is appreciated.



    You are in the wrong forum for self-hosted WordPress. is a blog, and to read about that go to

    However, if you’ve got a cPanel controlling your blog, it’s a WordPress.ORG blog and you need to be over there for support.

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