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getting two emails per notice

  1. I'm getting two emails per notice. Please only send notices to [email redacted]. I changed my email to my email awhile back. It keeps saying change in progress. Can you please stop my account from sending two emails?

  2. What kind of notice did you receive? Your account is already registered under the e-mail address mentioned above.

  3. When I get a link back or comment, I get two emails sent to me. This started when I changed my email. It's still sending emails to my old address

  4. Are these notification from blogs? or self-hosted WordPress blogs? Otherwise feel free to forward them to us by e-mail.

    You can check this page to see if your e-mail address is correct:!/settings/account/

  5. It's Can't u just go in and fix the problem? I only want the emails to go to [email redacted]

  6. The email has is correct. It's a glitch I need corrected

  7. Could you please check the e-mail address at the bottom of ? It's possible that you need to update that address too.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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