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    I am brand new to blogging. I love the static front page for the theme, twenty twelve. However, I cannot find a way to make the widget I want appear at the bottom of the front page like I saw on other blogs that use this theme. How do I get widgets such as, Recent Posts, Catagories, Pages, etc. to appear on the bottom of my static front page?

    Thank you for helping this baby blogger,
    The Tender Grass

    The blog I need help with is



    I cannot find a way to make the widget I want appear at the bottom of the front page

    Exactly which widget are you referring to please?
    For more information on the widgets provided click the individual widget links on this page >



    To display widgets at the bottom, you need to
    a) go to Appearance> Widgets, open the Front Page Widget Areas and drag the widgets you want from Available to these areas,
    b) edit the page you’ve set as your front and select the “Front Page” template.



    Thanks for assisting. Bookmarked!


    I went to Appearance>Widgets and I see to the right below the place where you drag the sidebar widgets the “First Front Page Widget Area” with the drop down arrow. I click on it and it brings up this comment: “Appears when using the optional Front Page template with a page set as Static Front Page”

    I have double clicked on this and even tried dragging and dropping things into it but nothing seems to work. I do have the Static Front Page set up correctly and the Post Page set up too. Both are published. For some reason I am not seeing what you are talking about above, the Front Page Widget Areas. I cannot seem to get to this. I even tried dropping widgets into the sidebar area and then filling out the title and saving and then going to see if they appeared anywhere on the three pages I have published, nothing appeared.

    I really appreciate your help with this.



    I do not see any posts on your blog at all: what is the post page?


    I called it Musings. And no, I have not posted anything yet. Just trying to get the front page done.



    There is nothing that can be displayed on the Musings page which is for published posts until you actually publish a post.


    This is not for the post page. This is for the static front page that is an option with the Twenty Twelve Theme. I want to know how to put widgets on the static front page.



    Then exactly which Page did you assign here > Settings > Reading to become your Posts page please?



    Pages are static and are for content that rarely changes. They sit outside of the blog structure and you cannot post to multiple pages in any blog. There is only one main page for posts in a blog and all posts will display on the main blog page. There is no way to exclude posts from the main posts (blog) page.

    The front page of the blog by default will display your posts (not pages) in reverse chronological order, with the most recently published post on top. If you do not want all the posts to show on the front page, then you can create a static front page “Welcome” for your site and a “Blog” page for posts.

    Choice 1 static front page
    Choice 2 running page for all posts on front page

    Which do you choose? It’s one or the other.

    If you choose Choice 1 static front page then you have to create two pages as I said above. After you do that you go to > Settings > Reading and make the designation change and click “save changes”.


    I did all that you said above. I have the static front page called HOME, the ABOUT page and I have my blog page that is called MUSINGS. When I was looking through the Themes I liked the idea of having the static front page and followed the directions for doing it from here
    On the sample blogs I viewed when I was deciding on a Theme I chose this one because you could put some widgets at the bottom of the static page such as Catagories, Pages, Recent Posts, etc. And so I have my static front page with the picture I want and a small welcome write up and now I want to put the widgets at the bottom but the available widgets for the static front page selection does not seem to be giving me a selection or I am not understanding something or not doing something right.



    I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    Thanks timethief! I am subscribed to this thread and I will try to be patient while waiting :-)



    I have already replied to your question. To repeat:
    1) You go to Appearance > Widgets, open the First Front Page Widget Area and the Second Front Page Widget Area, drag widgets to these areas.
    2) You go to Pages > All Pages, edit the page you’ve set as your front and make sure you have selected the “Front Page Template” for it, not the “Full-width Template”.

    If you’re not seeing any widgets on your front page, then you failed to do 1 or 2 or both.

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