Getting WordPress to get validated by google

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    I jsut read in a blog ( that there were some problems verifying a blog using the WordPress tool but thay had a work around for it, i tryed it but i never got it to work for me so i did some testing on my own and found a easier way…

    I used the meta tag option google had and went in to the theme editor and opened upp the header.php file and went down to the 5th row where it were a meta tag for WordPress, i put my google meta tag just under it and saved the file so i changed it from:

    [Deleted PHP code – drmike]

    and verified, and it worked flawless, hope it helps for those that had problems with it…



    This may provide a solution for blogger like yourself who have downloaded a blog from

    But, it is not applicable to our blogs here, which are hosted on the wp-MU (multi-user) blogging platform.

    Would you please post this where it can be used at
    Tx :)



    You may also want to take a second and read the sticky labeled “Please Read Me First Before Posting”

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