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Getting WordPress updates onto Facebook?

  1. Is there a way to automatically get a link to new blog posts onto your Facebook page? I found Wordbook, but it seems to only work on self-hosted blogs. Are there other options?

  2. I would also very much like to know if a Facebook solution exists for those of us that use

  3. You could use a tell a script widget to share blogs on facebook and other social networks (you can find websites tat offer it by doing a google search for a "tell a friend" widget, and will make it so that you can post blogs, websites, etc facebook and other participatng book marking and social networks

  4. Facebook allows you to feed your blog into the NOTES section of your Facebook page. Click edit in the NOTES box of your Facebook page and find the option that allows your to import notes from an external blog.

    How this helps
    [Link sig removed since username is linked to the same site T3CK,]

  5. I've tried this a couple times (most recently tonight) and the updates I get do not include my abstracts, only the name of the title of the entry and the author's name. I'm using the Theme: Mistylook by Sadish if that makes any difference. Thanks!

  6. There are two choices for "View" in FB Notes, full or compact. Try changing it.

  7. I tried this last week, and it worked. It imported my blog from WordPress to my Notes section of Facebook. However, yesterday I updated my WordPress Blog with a new post, and it did not feed to my Notes section of Facebook. I looked at my Notes settings in Facebook and it shows that my WordPress blog is supposed to be imported into my Facebbok notes, but it's not happenning when I write a new Blod post in WordPress.
    I disabled the Blog import feature in Facebook, the re-enabled and it pulled my updated Blog post from WordPress. Anyone know why it isn't importing my Blog updates from WordPress automatically?

    Brian Powers

  8. I know about being able to "import" my blog as a "note" into facebook. But is there a way for users to simply send a "newsfeed" to facebook that simply provides a "link" to the blog site? I know a user and I see a newsfeed from her whenever she posts something new - "So and so recently published the-title-of-the-blog". And the the-title-of-the-blog is link to the blog post. I think this is actually much better way as it promotes and creates traffic back to your blog.

    I've also heard somewhere this might be where something called "Facebook Connect" comes in. Is it true that is STILL NOT "Facebook Connect" enabled? Are there any plans for it to be?

  9. Hi,

    I'm using Mirror Blog to display on my profile page and also Blog RSS Feeder as a box.

    Hope this help.

  10. silverstar98121

    I'm on Twitter, and I use Twitterfeed to post the links to my posts both on Twitter, and into Facebook. You just get a link and a short intro, if that's what you want.

  11. Hi all!

    Another issue that I have with WordPress blogs is the ability for a Facebook friend to comment on my blog's articles using _their_ credentials and, preferably, the Facebook interface, then the comment appears on the actual blog associated with the article they commented on. They don't have to be "approved" by me because of them being in my Web of trust.

    The idea could be extended further with most other social-network setups.

    With regards,

    Simon Mackay

  12. You can use Networked Blogs on Facebook -- here's the link to my page so you can see what it looks like:

    The positives: People who aren't your Facebook friends can still follow your blog, the feed is automatic, people on Facebook may stumble on your blog and may decide to stick around.

    The negatives: It won't automatically post an update in your newsfeed (I used to use the Notes feature, which I didn't like because it didn't link back to the blog or increase traffic), I believe you can only post the headlines rather than an excerpt.

    The inconvenient: When you create the page, you become your first "fan." A certain number of people need to verify that you are the owner of the blog before it starts updating.

  13. I used the notes feature on Facebook to feed my wordpress blog to auto post but it only updated once after I set up my feed on facebook. How do I get my wordpress blog to post automatically to facebook?

  14. As long there's a blog feed, it can be done. I don't know to what extend you want to show your updated posts on FaceBook but I use the RSS-CONNECT application to automatically retrieve my feeds at user configurable intervals.

    Check out my FaceBook page and you'll see what I mean. If this is what you're after, then RSS-CONNECT is your best friend.

  15. I added the "share on facebook" button to my bookmarks bar in my web browser. Now, after I post a new blog, I just go to my blog's site and hit that button. All I really want is for WordPress to have some interaction with facebook, such that when I post a new blog, it simply states as a post on my Facebook main page (read: not on my "boxes" or my "notes" tabs): "name" has posted a new blog called "xyz". Then show a few lines of the block and give the reader the ability to click it to be taken to the blog's site to read the entire post. I've tried some of the options listed here, but I can't get the functionality to work. I like how shimworld's rss-connect is listing his blogs and the snippet of his most recent, as well as the "share" button, but that requires someone to check his "box" tab, I would like that same information to be posted to my main facebook page and to refresh when it reads a new blog post.

    sorry if that was too long, ;p

  16. I was wondering if that feature may become available

  17. Still looking for a good way of displaying my blog updates on facebook. I have tried the methods suggested but I want it to link to the blog, not to simply repost my blog entry on facebook. I want them to remain separate. The Wordbook plugin is cool, but I can't use it because it is only for self hosted wordpress blogs.

    Any new ideas on this topic?

  18. I just want to publish the fact that I posted a new blog into the newsfeed without using my status to do it. Is there a way to do that?

  19. nationsfilm, I followed shimworld's advice and used RSS-Connect - Worked perfectly.

    "RSS-CONNECT application to automatically retrieve my feeds at user configurable intervals.

    Check out my FaceBook page and you'll see what I mean."

    Click on the RSS-Connect icon and it will take you through the install. Make sure your blog address ends in /feed

  20. What about Facebook Connect? Any chance of that being made available to wordpress.commers?

  21. I'm wanting the same thing dbbyleo and asand08 are asking about. I'm using RSS-Connect and have a box that shows a current feed, but:

    1) if I manually try to share the most recent post via updating my status, the most recent post isn't listed as a choice; and

    2) the post title I choose to share links to the previous post (?!?)

    I just want my contacts to get a notification when I make a new post, ideally with the title of the post noted.

  22. I use Notes and I've noticed if you have a Sticky post at the top of the blog, the Notes are not updated. I post, take the Sticky and un-stick it, update the page, wait till I see the new post listed, then re-sticky the sticky post. Pain in the butt, but it works.

  23. Using RSS Connect posts to my FB page's wall, but doesn't update the FB feeds of my page's fans. What's going wrong?

  24. This might seem really dumb, but I'm a wordpress neophyte. Can anyone walk me through how to set up this RSS - Connect thing?

  25. crfreeridedownhill

    props to musicskins1...I'm one of those...I want to get my wordpress to be loaded into my facebook... :)

  26. Okay, this is a bit clunky but should work for those of you who are on (i.e. don't self-host) and just want to be able to post on Facebook every time they have a new blog post.

    At the bottom of your blog post, add this code:

    <img src="" alt="" />Share on Facebook

    Where it says "yourblogurl", cut and paste the url for your blog post (yes, the one you're updating right now, but of course not the url of where you're updating the page but the url your visitors will see).

    This will insert the Facebook icon followed by "share on Facebook", and will be visible to everybody at the bottom of that post. Once you've updated your post, go to it and click on the Facebook icon you created, and bingo - it'll let you post on Facebook.

    I haven't figured out how to generate the Facebook post automatically, which would be more convenient, but this is the next best thing. It doesn't take all that much time, if you keep that code in a handy place. Good luck!

  27. It didn't post the html code the right way. I'll try again:

    <!--<img src="" alt="" />Share on Facebook-->

    Just lose the <!-- at the beginning and --> at the end. Hope that works

  28. still didn't show the whole code, sorry, I can't figure that out. If someone can tell me how to post html code without it trying to actually execute it, I can post it again.

  29. Put the code between backticks ( ` ) the key to the left of the #1 with the ~ on it. Put one backtick at the beginning and one at the end.

  30. Thanks! Okay, one more time:

    <a href="" target="_blank" class="fb_share_link"><img src="" alt="" />Share on Facebook</a>

    Where it says "yourblogurl", cut and paste the url for your blog post.

    I actually just figured out how to generate the facebook post automatically, I'll post that in my next comment.

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