Getting WordPress updates onto Facebook?

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    I’m wanting the same thing dbbyleo and asand08 are asking about. I’m using RSS-Connect and have a box that shows a current feed, but:

    1) if I manually try to share the most recent post via updating my status, the most recent post isn’t listed as a choice; and

    2) the post title I choose to share links to the previous post (?!?)

    I just want my contacts to get a notification when I make a new post, ideally with the title of the post noted.



    I use Notes and I’ve noticed if you have a Sticky post at the top of the blog, the Notes are not updated. I post, take the Sticky and un-stick it, update the page, wait till I see the new post listed, then re-sticky the sticky post. Pain in the butt, but it works.



    Using RSS Connect posts to my FB page’s wall, but doesn’t update the FB feeds of my page’s fans. What’s going wrong?



    This might seem really dumb, but I’m a wordpress neophyte. Can anyone walk me through how to set up this RSS – Connect thing?


    props to musicskins1…I’m one of those…I want to get my wordpress to be loaded into my facebook… :)



    Okay, this is a bit clunky but should work for those of you who are on (i.e. don’t self-host) and just want to be able to post on Facebook every time they have a new blog post.

    At the bottom of your blog post, add this code:

    <img src=”″ alt=”” />Share on Facebook

    Where it says “yourblogurl”, cut and paste the url for your blog post (yes, the one you’re updating right now, but of course not the url of where you’re updating the page but the url your visitors will see).

    This will insert the Facebook icon followed by “share on Facebook”, and will be visible to everybody at the bottom of that post. Once you’ve updated your post, go to it and click on the Facebook icon you created, and bingo – it’ll let you post on Facebook.

    I haven’t figured out how to generate the Facebook post automatically, which would be more convenient, but this is the next best thing. It doesn’t take all that much time, if you keep that code in a handy place. Good luck!



    It didn’t post the html code the right way. I’ll try again:

    <!–<img src=”″ alt=”” />Share on Facebook–>

    Just lose the <!– at the beginning and –> at the end. Hope that works



    still didn’t show the whole code, sorry, I can’t figure that out. If someone can tell me how to post html code without it trying to actually execute it, I can post it again.


    Put the code between backticks ( ` ) the key to the left of the #1 with the ~ on it. Put one backtick at the beginning and one at the end.



    Thanks! Okay, one more time:

    <a href="" target="_blank" class="fb_share_link"><img src="" alt="" />Share on Facebook</a>

    Where it says “yourblogurl”, cut and paste the url for your blog post.

    I actually just figured out how to generate the facebook post automatically, I’ll post that in my next comment.



    I think this is what you all have been looking for. Got these instructions from a friend and they work beautifully. If only Facebook was a little more intuitive! Follow everything below, except substitute your blog’s url for You still need the /feed/ part.

    here’s how I automate pulling content from my blog:
    1) in Facebook, click on your name in the upper-right corner of the page (just before settings)
    2) click on ‘settings’ (on the right side of the page under the ‘share’ button
    3) click on ‘blog/rss” and enter the RSS URL from your blog
    ( )

    when you post, the stories will get imported to your wall. It doesn’t happen immediately, but fairly soon after you post.

    Good luck!



    desperatemothers: not this doesn’t solve the issue. Yes, it does provide auto updates of your blog, which is great, but the moment you click the link title link so that you can read more, it doesn’t take you to the blog. Rather, when you sign up your blog via facebook’s rss feed option, it imports your blog as a note on your facebook account. The problem with that is, it causes facebook users to leave their comments on the note page and any stats for blog hits do not happen. If this rss feed option didn’t import the blog into facebook’s notes and it when a user click the blog’s title, they were directed to the blogs website, then this would be a terrific solution. Alas, I will just continue to hit the “share on facebook” button I placed in my toolbar.

    Thanks for the suggestion!



    ugh, sorry for the typos… there doesn’t seem to be an edit option…



    It’s not automatic, but I use to publish my blog on facebook. It links to which in turn links to my blog. It’s a bit complicated but that way i can make people to get to my blog, which is good. and also, i can select which post i want to share since i don’t always write a quality post. ;)



    yontory: care to post the directions on how to get your blog to auto list with and in turn, auto list from to your facebook page?




    thanks – that works great.



    Uh sorry for the late reply asand08:
    If you haven’t know already. here’s how:

    – I don’t have digg plugin in my wordpress, so i need to do it the manual way, which is submitting my own article to digg, with my digg account.

    In my digg account setting (or share setting), i have configured it to automatically send tweets and facebook msg for everyone. so whenever i submit article, it will automatoically be published in my facebook and twitter.

    well, that’s all. i guess.



    Where is the ‘Share on Facebook’ icon that one drags to the bookmark bar? I did that on my desktop but when I went to find it again for use on a new laptop, I couldn’t find it. Thanks



    Never mind. I finally found it:



    Getsocial has a share to face book button here is the tutorials I made for Getsocial [Written Tutorial]/[Video Tutorial]

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