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ghots home page!

  1. hi all,

    Just changed my theme and it appears that my home page doesn't really exist! What I mean is I have changed from a theme that had tabs to a theme in which I'm using page widget. And here's when the ghostly nature of my home page materialised: when I when into 'Pages' in my utility sidebar to assign order to my 3 pages (home, about, contact) so that they would follow that order when used in page widget it turned out that there are only about and contact pages there: home is nowhere to be found. As a result, my widget only enables switching between contact and about pages, making navigation through my blog difficult: once you navigate away from home page you cannot easilygo back to it. The only option is to click 'go back' browser button, which is a pain really. An interesting thing is that my other blog, which has been maintained in this theme from the start displays all theree pages in 'Pages' and there is no problem with page widget! I'm wondering whether its because my previous theme was faulty and did not display home page in 'Pages' (my previous theme was regulus and I've seen people complaining about the ghost home page on the forum)...
    The only solution I can think of right now is acutally creating a brand new page called home and copying all the contents of the ghost page into it. But is it at all possible to copy entire's page content (all its posts) onto another page? How do you do that?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to Menus > Create a new menu > Pages > All > select homepage > Add to menu > save it to menu > Theme location > Set the menu you created in the first step as default.

  3. or I suppose the latter part of my query could be rephrased as: can you move/copy posts from page to page?

  4. whats theme location? where will I find it?

  5. oh, nevermind, found it :)

  6. thanks guys! I have now a homepage but... its still not appearing in pages for me to modify it. Is there a way to transfer a post from one of my pages to another?

  7. right, ok, I better explain more thorought what I mean. I have now my home page showing in my menu (woo hoo!). I have a lot of posts on it already and wouldn't like to delete them or move them somewhere else (the date will change etc) but I want to separate all the post from my sticky post at the top. I'd like sticky post to be on home page and the rest of post on a dynamic page that I could add more to later. How do I do that please? :)

    my blog is:

  8. Dusk to Dawn doesn't display tabs for pages by default. You should go to Appearance > Widgets and add the Pages widget. Or you can create and activate a custom menu - instructions here:

    If you do not want all the posts to show on the front page of the blog which is the default setting that you can create and designate a static Page as the front page of your blog. If you do that then you also need to create and designate a running page for your posts.

  9. You mean you now have a link to your homepage.

    The homepage isn't a static page like those you can create or edit in Pages > All Pages. Homepage = main blog address = blog front. The blog front can display either your latest posts or a static page.

    Posts aren't "transferred" anywhere: posts are displayed in a variety of ways, such as by date or by category. What exactly would you like to display where?

  10. Ah, you added a reply while I was typing. You need to do what timethief suggested in her second paragraph. In that case you'll delete the featured post and write your intro text in the static page you'll set as your front.

    PS Now that you've added the custom menu you need to remove the Pages widget.

  11. yes, I know I've got to delete pages widget: its on the way to the bin right now :) thanks justpi!
    I have actually been aware of the post vs pages and front page info that timethief suggested, I've came across all that information before and did try and apply it but it doesn't work in case of my blog. Or rather, it doesn't work properly because after changing my front page (one I named wellcome aboard) into a static one and assigning newly added page (called artwork) to be my post page I ended up with two identical pages :( if I try and modify any content on the one entitled 'artwork', it gets modified on both duplicate pages (eg. deleted on both). And contents of my front/ home page (the 'welcome aboard' one) are uneditable: it shows in my customised menu (the one I created following hnsaifi's advice, thanks hnsaifi!) but that doesn't give me any access to its content- just a possibility to delete it alltogether but not to modify the contents. And because it doesn't exist as a page in 'Pages' > 'All Pages' it still is, by and large, an uneditable ghost page... :(

  12. I think you're confusing some things, and the addition of a custom menu is only adding to the confusion.
    Question no.1: When one lands on , what exactly do you want them to see? (You said you'd like "sticky post to be on home page and the rest of post on a dynamic page that I could add more to later", and we told you how to do that, but your blog isn't set up that way at the moment.)

  13. I'm sorry, but I think you guys are missing the point ...

    Basically, my blog is supposed to have 4 pages, but it only has 3 that are directly editable in Pages> All pages. The one that I want to be my front page is the one missing. Therefore, I can't select it in Reading> Frnot page displays: a static page. My home page (ie desired front page) is a ghost page, an extra one that shows up online but which I haven't got an access to through my admin dashboard...

  14. Sorry, the one who keeps missing the points we've made is you.

    The pages you can edit in Pages > All Pages (or create in Pages > Add New) are static pages. A static page is just like a single post, only it sits outside the chronological structure of a blog. Your homepage is your blog front. It's a dynamic page (created on the fly), not a static one, so of course you cannot find it in Pages > All Pages. You don't "access" or "edit" a dynamic page, you tell it what to display. By default, your homepage displays your latest posts; as already explained, you can set it to display a static page instead.

    So, if you want us to help you, start by answering my question please: when one lands on , what exactly do you want them to see? Just your "hello friend" text?

  15. yes, when one lands on my blog I'd like them to see just that: my "hello firend" text

  16. The deafult setting for our blogs is all posts appearing on the front page of the blog. If we want to change our front page to another page, then we must create a page for our posts to be displayed on. Then we designate the page we want to be our front page and the page we want to display out posts here > Settings > Reading

  17. Hi again,
    I'm glad to see you resolved this. As you've now found out, the first step was to publish that text as a static page instead of a post. Then you set that page as your front etc.

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