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  1. Ok I am currently signed up for my blog with but say my blog went all supremo and everything.. is it possible for me to transfer over to ??

    Could I some how put funky javascript games on my blog?

    Thanks for the support!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I typed "move blog" into the support page search box and found this:

  3. I'm moving as well but in the moving page is says enter your new blog domain but has at the end- as in 'blog domain- can I enter my url here (

  4. dineenp - If you're not using a domain name with domain mapping at, all you have to do is export the .com blog and import it into your new blog.

    If you are using domain mapping, you also need to repoint your blog to the new one:

  5. so are all the good blogs at or are there some pretty cool ones here too?

  6. Given that everyone here has a blog, you'd expect them to say has some good blogs, too.

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