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    I want to insert a movie gif, but the original width is 500 pixels. When inserted in the text editor, it moves but once in the post on the homepage he editor tool reduces it to 494, and the animation is stopped. I tried to change the up-load format to ‘Medium’, and change the pixel measurement in the URL, but it still wrecks the motion mechanism.

    Usually, when an image is too large for my template (Dusk by Beccari), it is partly pushed under the widgets bar, but obviously it doesn’t work that way with GIF’s. Is there perhaps another method to place that image?


    Yes, GIFs downsized by WP lose their animation. To force the theme to display the image in real size, you need to switch the editor to HTML and delete the width and height commands from the code.
    But you’d better downsize the original before uploading it. I think you can find free GIF resizing tools online.



    HTML Code changing won’t work.
    I’m puzzling out the instructions right now.



    You might want find software that resizes GIFs., before you uploaded them. ( A google search should reveal some open source ones).

    edit the animated Gif to no wider 494 for that theme
    upload the Gif image full size.



    Been busy for the last hour, felt EXHAUSTED, yet something went wrong and still no reduction whatsoever.

    I just found a place where you can upload your GIF’sand the site does the trimming for you in an instant. The animation is on my trial page, reduced from 500 to 490, and it’s working all right. Just a tiny bit of quality loss, so I guess one better not try to make a 75×75 avatar out of a large GIF.
    To be sure to get rid of the adjustments I made, I erased Irfanview and installed a fresh one.



    Glad to hear your success.

    I forgot mention something from experience. Through many readers browsers, a larger image size will slow down the rate of change from frame to frame.. an animation Gif can end up looking jerky.

    Sometimes its better to have a much smaller width , than a post content width on a blog or website, to give better over ll quality for the viewer.



    In this case I was stuck with the original 500 pixel size and I could decrease it only a bit.
    My browser is Firefox. You can see it here in action (scroll down).

    The ‘textile weave’ effect was already there in the original, and became due to the size reduction slightly more prominent.

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