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Gif images

  1. HI i am trying to get a moving animated gif (which i created) on the sidebar up the top.
    I have seen it on other sites but i don't know if it is a gif. But i would really like to get this to work.

    My website is:
    The image i would like to use is this:

    I shortened the image URL because it is a picasa and the link is big.


  2. Animated GIFs lose the animation when resized. You need to create a version of the image that will fit in your sidebar without being downsized (maximum 302px wide).

  3. do you know how i can do that? plz

  4. Google for GIF resizing tools, or create the GIF anew the way you originally created it.

  5. do you think this will work

    i am extrating all the frames then will make the frames smaller then use gif ninja to make them a gif

  6. I guess it will, but I haven't tried it to tell for sure.

  7. woo it worked thx so much panaghiotisadam!

  8. woo it worked thx so much panaghiotisadam!

  9. You're welcome!
    By the way, why don't you upload the image to your blog? (Media > Add New: upload, copy URL, paste that URL in the widget.)

  10. cause im a n00b thx :) ill use that in future reference!

    Thx again

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