GIF looks great in sidebar, terrible in entries

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    I’ve found that high-res GIFs look fantastic in my sidebar (the files are around 700px wide, I resized them down to 223px wide in the HTML of a text widget), but when I use the same exact code and same exact image in the body of a blog post, it looks terrible. I’m using Twenty Eleven. Does anyone know what the deal is?
    Please see the image in the “GIF Test” post compared to the “follow on” and “categories” images in my sidebar:

    The blog I need help with is



    Oh, by the way — I don’t have the CSS upgrade, but would consider purchasing it if I can override whatever is doing this to my images. I want to change the nav bar color, anyway. :)


    The deal is that in posts WP changes the image URL from this:
    to this:
    and does a terrible job at resizing/compressing the image.

    Change the image code from this:
    <img border="0" alt="bloglovin" src="" width="223">
    to this:
    <img style="width:223px;border:none;" alt="bloglovin" src="">

    But for best results, always upload images created at the desired dimensions instead of letting WP do the resizing – see here:



    Thank you! That definitely helped. I actually did try creating the uploaded images at the desired dimensions (see my “signatures” at the end of the previous posts), and it was MUCH better, but still didn’t match the quality of the larger/resized GIFs in the sidebar. I guess I just have to accept it. Thanks so much!


    You’re welcome.

    On another issue: The blog linked to your username takes too long to load, because your main page has an awful lot of unnecessarily large image files. For a visitor with a slow connection, it may even time out before loading all the images (plus endless scrolling isn’t user-friendly, plus you’re wasting your storage space). You’d better
    a) limit the number of posts per page to only a few (in Settings>Reading);
    b) truncate your posts via the more tag;
    c) for future posts at least, make copies of your images, downsize them in an image editing application to a resolution of 72 (which is what all browsers display) and to the right width for the theme you’re using, and upload and insert those copies.



    Ah — that one (my wedding blog) was never meant for viewing in WordPress. The posts are grabbed from there and moved over to (the site’s getting maintenance right now, but it usually works!), where they’re re-formatted and the images are resized and such. But I do appreciate those tips for my new blog (the one I linked to) — I never really thought about load time before, but I will now. And I should probably go back and re-upload the images at a smaller resolution to save storage space. Thanks again!

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