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    Hi, I noticed that the GIFs won’t animate. I thought that was the case for all GIFs, that WordPress just didn’t support GIF formats, but when I looked at old posts (imported from my Tumblr), some of those GIFs actually did animate. Can someone enlighten me as to how to get the GIFs to animate on my page? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    The gifs have to be exactly the same size in your blog as the files are. If they’re squashed even a bit, the gif won’t animate.


    OK, a slight variation on this: I have reblogged gifs a couple of times, and on my blog, they don’t animate. Why? What’s the fix?



    Same reason: the kitten image is 400px wide and the dog image is 490px wide, but images in reblogged posts have to be resized to the width of the theme you’re using (in your case 480px).


    Hmmm. Sounds complicated. I don’t see a way to fix that in my dashboard. Is there something? Or, better yet, how about a preference that prevents this whole change up in the first place?



    No, there’s no way to fix that in your dashboard, because you don’t have direct access to the reblogged content.
    No, there’s no such preference/option either. You can suggest that in the Ideas forum.

    Reason why the images get resized: the main column width varies from theme to theme, so if you reblogged from a wider theme and the image wasn’t resized to fit your theme, then (depending on the theme) it would stretch into the sidebar or get cut off (or even break the layout of the theme in lousy browsers, that is Explorer).

    The real fix is simple: [personal opinion] serious bloggers blog, don’t reblog.





    Why reblog? You can create a new post, include quotes in it with appropriate attribution and backlink to the source, include your own original content and publish. I wouldn’t waste any more time on this. I would delete the reblog and proceed as normal for a blogger.



    There are lots of gif resizers online, just google for it.

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