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    I am using the [gigya] shortcode to embed flash, yet I’m getting an unwanted 8 pixel white border to the right and the bottom of the flash.swf.

    I’ve had a look at the source code in IE8 and the Gigya code seems to put an iframe around the .swf which is 8 pixels bigger than I specify.

    If I type [gigya src="myflashmovie.swf" width="32" height="32"] etc. the actual iframe it produces is 40×40.

    Is there any way to force the Gigya code to create a 32×32 iframe?



    OOPS! You forgot to provide the complete URL starting with http:// for the blog in question. Please post it now.



    Can’t post the actual blog sorry. It hasn’t gone live yet.

    It seems to happen on all embedded flash files that I’ve found using the gigya method.

    Have a look at the source code for this site

    Search for the iframe entries that use and you’ll see that the actual iframes are 8 pixels bigger than the values given in the gigya code.



    Please g back to where you got the gigya shortcode from and post a comment there for help

    Also note that we don’t care if the blog visibility is private or not. If it is we cannot access it but we can confirm whether or not it is a blog so this is why we ask for the URL.



    I can confirm it is a blog, this is the forums after all.



    Please understand that I am giving you the best advice I can give you. In fact Staff does not provide such instructions at all in the support documentation for any gigya shortcodes. The gigya shortcode code instructions in that blog are a work-around and Panos will be able to help you but I can’t.



    Thanks, I understand.

    I’ve tried to contact Gigya.

    What is Panos? Can you point me in the right direction?



    Panos is a human being.
    Gigya is the name of the shortcode.


    Panos has done a lot with gigya shortcodes and he is pretty much the gigya guru.

    In general, gigya just displays what it is given. Have you checked to see if the original “thing” you are trying to display has a border?



    Ah yes, I see now.

    Panos wrote the actual post I gave as an example!

    The original flash .swf doesn’t have a border, it’s just a regular 32×32 button.

    Like I said, the gigya code puts in 8 pixel borders (right and bottom) and creates a 40×40 iframe.


    Can we get a link to where this is showing up?


    Ah, I see we cannot since it is private.


    Since the gigya example code you gave above is not an actual link, and since we cannot see the example, and since we don’t even know what theme you are using, I’m afraid we will be of little help on this. I’ve used the gigya short code to insert a ton of stuff, and seen a ton of blogs using it, and there has never been any border put around things.

    Gigya does not put borders around stuff unless there is a border defined in the code you put into the gigya shortcode.


    The iframe produced by the gigya shortcode is always 8px larger than the flash object contained in it. The “unwanted white border” isn’t a border, it’s just this extra space. It’s not visible if the bg of the page is white, of course, and it’s not visible in good browsers if the shortcode includes this:
    As usual, the problem isn’t the shortcode, it’s Explorer, because Explorer doesn’t understand this (standard) flash attribute and value.

    You might be able to correct this if you enclose the shortcode in a div with the right width and height; depending on the object, you might also need to add the salign attribute in the shortcode. But I’m a Mac user, so I cannot readily test this in IE (nor am I willing to). If andywhiteley gives us a specific example, I can give him the right code and he can tell us if it corrects things in IE.


    Thanks for clarifying that Panos.

    I’ll be so glad when IE is just a distant memory. Even with them claiming IE9 is highly compliant, I’m already getting complaints from visitors to client sites about certain elements not displaying correctly in IE9. Since some of them are on highly modified themes/templates, when the new version comes out that takes care of the IE9 issues, I’ll have my work cut out for me. All of them are now going to get “child” CSS files so I when IE10 comes out and mucks things up again I can upgrade the themes without having to do a complete rework. I knew to do this, but it was easier just to modify the existing CSS.



    It happens in IE8, Safari and Firefox.
    I am using the Vigilance Theme in, but the problem doesn’t seem theme specific.

    I’ll try to illustrate, using a play button as an example:

    Basically the code:

    <table width=”32″ height=”32″ border=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ cellspacing=”0″>
    <td>[gigya src="" width="32" height="32" quality="best" wmode="transparent" flashvars="MP3="]</td>

    Produces this:


    WordPress.COM doctypes are now HTML5, and all the standard table attributes are now obsolete and have to be done via inline CSS instead. Try this as the opening table tag.

    <table style="border:none;height:32px;width:32px;">


    a) Why on earth wold you use a single row single cell table?
    b) If you want help with this, post a real working example instead of the “myflashmovie.swf”, “”, “my-sample.mp3” rubbish.

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