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gigya shortcode no longer works

  1. knashermac2009

    The gigya shortcode (used to display flash from a 3rd party) seems to have stopped working (as of about 22:00 UTC). Not just in my own blog, but in all blogs.

    Would wordpress suddenly pull the plug like that or is it likely just to be a glitch? (I have contacted support)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Wp would indeed suddenly pull the plug like that: they did it before with Vodpod, which used to be able to embed anything (I used to joke you could embed a live cow in your blog with it). That's not to say that they have, but that it might have happened that way.

  3. You asked the exact question I want to know, knashermac2009. Our Mixpod, which has been up for months with gigya shortcode, is abruptly GONE.

    WP--please let us know what the deal is, so that we're not all just swinging in the wind here!


  4. knashermac2009

    I fear they have pulled the plug. Gigya is no longer referenced in their own support documentation. I won't get upset just yet - after all it could be a mistake, but I have used gigya extensively in my blog - maybe not for embedding a live cow - but I did use it for many creative purposes.

    So in other words, when designing a WordPress blog, we should never assume that any feature is going to be permanent? Anything can be withdrawn at any time? No - I'm not panicking.....Yet.

  5. I've tagged this thread and hopefully staff will respond. Like Raincoaster though, I would not be surprised if they pulled it. I was kind of puzzled why it had worked as long as it has. Still, until staff responds, we won't know what the answer is.

  6. My Mixpod is a great way to bring lots of videos to our readers in a smaller space, and they really like that thing. I would've preferred not to have been allowed to have it in the first place.

    If indeed the plug has been pulled, the least WP could do was tell us it was being yanked so we wouldn't be sitting here going DUH?

    Maybe because nothing has been said, it's a problem that's being worked on...

    We'll see, I suppose...


  7. @knashermac2009: The gigya shortcode was never referenced in the Support docs.

  8. Thats exactly what I just discovered on my blog. My mixpod has dissappeared! (I feel like we're being restricted more and more)

  9. I went ahead and forward this thread link over to staff...

  10. putignanonelmirino

    ended the spell.
    everything worked with gigya short code no longer works.
    Need information.

  11. Not sure what's up with gigya shortcodes yet, but we're looking into it. Keep in mind it's a 3rd party service. We need to dig a little to find out what's causing the trouble.

    @knashermac2009 It always helps to know exactly when the problem started, so thanks for including that information.

  12. Thanks for the advice and the info, designsimply... !

  13. this has destroyed my blog, which is centred around slideshow/audio posts made by a third party (i.e. videos which needed to be embedded using gigya). This would have been fine if wordpress had just allowed straightforward embedding in the first place..

  14. @adamandthewolf Things like JavaScript and Flash embeds are not completely open for security reasons. See

    If you would like to be able to do unrestricted JavaScript or Flash embeds, is the best choice because it gives you full control of the code.

    Both are good choices! It just depends on what kind of setup you need.

  15. @designsimply - I'd read that article before, and everything about (except adding videos) suited my requirements. Gigya provided a way around that, so I didn't have any complaints until it broke down. I just hope it gets fixed soon..

  16. The gigya shortcode should be working now.

  17. putignanonelmirino

    hurray ! hurray! hurray !

    works again !

    thanks! thanks! thanks !

  18. Great news @designsimply, thanks a lot.

  19. It's the developers that you should be thanking!! (They are awesome.)

  20. this is fantastic. thank you!
    but please, let us know what happened and if it can happen often to take in account and have other alternatives.


  21. knashermac2009

    Thanks for restoring the service - whoever it was!

  22. Thx for restoring gigya. Late yesterday, I seriously wondered about my brainstorm idea of mine, would even be worth considering .....and this goes beyond just inserting video in a sidebar.

  23. Thanks to the support staff and hoping to know what caused the problem. --jim

  24. @designsimply Honestly, thanks to you too for taking the time to keep us informed.

    Most of the time, it's the "not knowing anything" that's the worse thing. For me, at least.

  25. Thanks @cloudusa :)

    I agree about the "not knowing anything" part. I think we should try to keep you guys informed more (and faster)! We often see these reports and can't get the answers right away, but we are always watching out for you guys and we want to help.

  26. It works again, great! (I know, keeping all the bloggers happy is not an easy thing)

  27. someone help me please, I've just set up the MIxpod, it has displayed it as a post on my blog, I don't want that.. im not very computer savy so could someone give me step by step instructions how to fix this? please...

  28. @babbleq8: You switch the post editor to HTML, copy the content, then go to Appearance>Widgets, activate a Text widget, paste content into it, click Save. Then delete the auto-post.

    For more, see here:

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