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Girls who blog.

  1. I guess meeting someone else who blogs would be purrty fun. I mean, I wouldn't have to be embarrassed about the random shit I always write about.

    If I met a guy who blogged I'd be like, "YOOO SUP BITCH? SUB 4 SUB, YA HEARIN ME BLUUUUHD?"


    (Uh... you can subscribe to blogs, right? I'm still kind of a n00b here LOL)

  2. Why.....will....y'all....not...let....this.....tread......die.......?
    Seriously it's like 6 months old.

  3. lol at spideron!
    and yes, cute girls can have blogs! Every person can blog. It doesnt take very long to blog....
    Attend social gatherings and when they get boring, blog about it.

  4. I read several blogs by "girls". I enjoy the blogs and many of them are excellent but I can't say wether the girls are "cute" or not as I've never met them and am unlikely to

  5. alifebewhiskered

    Just the fact that this thread keeps resurfacing makes me laugh. The comments are great - it seems to just keep getting funnier (to me, anyway - I'm very easily amused!).

  6. Yes strangely, somehow this thread keeps getting bumped.

    I miss the old day when when the "Mybloglog" blogging network existed.
    Judging the profile pictures, most bloggers were female supermodels who blogged about how to make money online, Apparently.

    Sadly Mybloglog is gone. I wonder where those supermodel bloggers went.

  7. +1 for verdict of creepy thread

  8. Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, but if you visit my blog you might think some of the posts to be cute and funny. :) And there are cute members in my Crazy Chicks Club.

  9. @dlager
    I'm sure those pot bellied old men hiding behind female supermodel avatars are still spamming some blogging forums I know of. ;)

  10. I agree with alifebewhiskered! We can't let this thread die! It's too funny :D.

  11. "Bloggergirl69XOXO, if you subscribe to my heart I will promise to keep you updated with love"

  12. habituatedbuddhist

    This thread started with: "Cute girls who blog.....Idk...theres just something about them that I like."

    Really!?!?! There's something about cute girls you like??? Hmmm... what a crazy radical claim... something about cute girls (who blog) that you like.. What if it's the same thing you like about cute girls who drive, or cute girls who breath....

    I don't know... you kinda making a way out claim....

  13. Some men enjoy fishing expeditions.

  14. Lol, Im glad everyone still gets humor out of this. And so what if I make a way out claim @hab? It is the off topic forums. Not to mention this was from a long time ago.

  15. JM,
    *I* didn't take anything bad from your original post or the other one that was linked. Some might, others won't. Remember that online forums are not a true representation of the whole -not the whole of the real world and not the whole of the website where they come from. Plus, they are typically led.

    Go to WordPress's homepage. Today, it says:

    "The best of 374,271 bloggers, 347,477 new posts, 307,054 comments & 80,386,926 words posted today on"

    Get a calculator out and plug in all the numbers, then take it in perspective.


  16. Numbers! You mean the regulars who comment in the Off-Topic and Showcase Forums do not comprise the whole of the community - who knew? lol :D

  17. dribblingpensioner

    I agree with rubbernipple
    + 1 for being a creepy post

  18. habituatedbuddhist

    "I agree with rubbernipple
    + 1 for being a creepy post"

    That itself sounds kinda creepy

  19. Damn it, rubbernipple. If I mention your name, I'm probably going to sound creepy.

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