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Girly Themes?

  1. It has been suggested we need a few more "girly themes."

    Do you guys have any favorites?

  2. Well, I'm thinking maybe a fashion theme. A pink 2 bar theme with clothes ad accessories.

  3. Or maybe a cute kitten theme. *pokes my kitty avatar*

  4. **pets kitty**

  5. @ Matt,
    I'm assuming you have a good sense of humor when I point this out.
    I'm chuckling because you posted:

    It has been suggested we need a few more "girly themes."
    Do you guys have any favorites?

    too funny ... lol .. ;)

  6. @chicablog
    Do you like this theme called Reflections?
    If so then wank has already ported it.
    Also note that the image of the girl could be changed and you could put your own 335×312 image there instead.

    Scroll down and you can see another them called Repeating Hearts

  7. Are we talking Fauna-girly or Sweet Blossoms-girly?
    Fauna-girly: Sakura
    Sweet Blossoms-girly: Pink-Kupy 1.0

  8. @threebyfive
    Good ones. Both Sakura and Pink-Kupy are IMO "girly" themes too.

    This is one for sulz

  9. I'd like to add my name to the call for more girly themes..

    Sakura is gorgeous.. just my taste.. girly, but stylish and not sugary-sweet.. Perfect!

    Can we have it wordpress please? Pretty please?

  10. wow I did not realise there were so many themes !

    this one is cool:

  11. *kitty meows loudly*

    I like the reflections one.

  12. i like pristine, sakura, frozen garden, jws common, and most of all chocolicious!!!

  13. I'm smiling because all the bloggers so far have posted themes that I find attractive.
    Threebyfive found two - Sakura and Pink-Kupy 1.0
    Shadowartist found two she liked - Sakura and JWS common
    Chicablog liked Reflections - YAY! I thought she would. :)
    sulz liked Chocolicious - YAY! The sunshine colour and chocolates immediately made me think of you. ;)
    So far Frozen Garden is for me, for sure. Pristine is my second choice. Sakura is my third choice.

    I'm eager to see what the others post.

  14. i ain't no sunshine, but i'm nothing if not chocoholic. haha

  15. How do I get the Reflections?

  16. I really like the pink-kapy. That's the one I want. How do I get it?

  17. @chicablog
    This is just a thread where we are being asked to make suggestions. None of these themes are currently available to us at

    After we make our suggestions to Matt, he will make the decision. Then the ones he picks which are currently coded to run on regular wordpress, will be adapted to run on our software here at

    There are many other bloggers who have not yet contributed to this thread. And Matt may not pick the one you like best. Also these adaptations do not take place quickly so we must be patient, okay?

  18. oh oh oh oooooooohhhhh!

    *smacks head*

  19. Pink Kupy isn't particularly my taste but I think it would fill a gap in the existing theme selection. I do like Sakura but it's released under a non-commercial CC licence. The designer would be very foolish not to relicense it for use here, but nonetheless they'd need to be asked. Butterfly is classy, in a Pink Lilies sort of way, but that's not GPL either.

    It's surprisingly difficult to find good quality girly themes with a suitable licence. I tried porting Orange Sky and Dapit Hapon a few months back, but they weren't sandbox-friendly. (Dapit Hapon has those calendar-style dates, and I forget why I couldn't manage Orange Sky. Possibly laziness.)

  20. @wank
    I don't understand the GPL stuff and CC licenses and all that. What's your take on Frozen Garden please? And if it was made available at would you be interested in porting it for me? I really like it.

    P.S. I don't like the three other ones Butterfly, Orange Sky and Dapit Hapon. I'm not a pink fan but I do support Chicablog's request for it, although I'd never use it myself.

  21. GPL allows it to be used in any way, altered in any way by anyone, but must include credit to the original contributers.....I think it also insists that you cannot make money from an altered version. Linux and most of it's software is GPL....I've been studying FreeBSD (UNIX) which is a more open public license....I may be getting them a bit merged.

    Removing the link to the theme creator for example wouldn't be allowed. This site is the GPL license in full.

  22. Also chocolicious is a pay for use theme.

    I think it also insists that you cannot make money from an altered version.

    Slightly off. If you give out the program, either as something for download on line, or for payment or what have you, you have to include the source code along with it. It's 'free' as in what you do with it. You can still charge though.

    Of course if you charge, someone is free to pick up a copy and then turn around and release it themselves without cost.

    Removing the link to the theme creator for example wouldn't be allowed.

    That's a matter of opinion actually. I agree with you and also feel that the program link needs to be in there as well. It seems like Matt and the other wp developers feel that as long at the credit is in the HTML outputted, it's fine. They feel that credit doesn't have to be visable within the browser.

    On the other hand, the author of phpnuke says the link must remain exactly as he has it and backs it up with an email response from the EFF.

  23. I really like Sakura. Chase the Stars is good too. Butterfly would be one I'd entertain using.

    I like the colors images in the chocolate one, but I don't like the layout.

  24. As I said, the Linux and UNIX licenses are subtly different, I often merge them in my mind. I know with UNIX you can do what you want with it, but Linux is a little more is still free to use, as long as you keep certain conditions. I never saw myself releasing my own distribution of Linux, or any of it's the license was more a curiosity than a study subject.

  25. Looking more, I also like Pink Flowers

    And even more, Translucent Fluidity (check the test run... interesting how the blog scrolls over the background image)

    And Purplish 2.0

    OK... I'll stop now.

  26. I don't cotton to Pink Flowers or to Translucent Fluidity. I could handle Purplish if the flower was customizable so I could replace it with flowers of different colours.

    Does Frozen Garden meet the licence requirements for {fingers crossed}

  27. It does have those sponsored links in there which has caused much discussion over in land and on the mail lists recently. Some folks consider them to be spamish.

  28. RATS! {sniffling}


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