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GitHub Gist Shortcode

  1. The source code formatting shortcode in blogs is nice and useful, but it's language support is limited. It would be great if you could just embed a GitHub gist, perhaps like this: [gist 801520] or maybe [gist], or something, which would embed the gist right into one's blog, complete with source code highlighting for the much more extensive list of languages supported by GitHub gist.

    Posterous users can do this by merely placing the gist url by itself on one line.

  2. Woul you like to submit this shortcode request directly to Staff? If so here's the link for you.

  3. @timethief: I already did, and Matthew suggested I post it here.

  4. Two thumbs up. Way up. I would absolutely love this feature.

  5. @raphil
    lol :D

  6. @aaronius
    I amd posting just in case you are confused and are posting to the wrong support forum as many do, because I have noticed that the site linked to your username is not a free blog from and being free hosted by wordpress.COM.

    Reference link >

  7. Any updates on this?

    There is a WP plugin that does this, can it be used on a blog?

  8. Nope. There are no updates.

    Also note that there is no FTP access to free hosted wordpress.COM blogs so we cannot install individual plugins into our blogs. and run on different software.

    This is a multi-user blogging platform so only Staff can install site wide plugins as once they do they are installed on all free hosted blogs.

  9. This would be very useful.

  10. Gist is a very useful tools when I wrote some programming articles. Really hope could support this as soon as possible.

    PS: Although there already had shortcode could do the same thing, but it's not that easily to use.

  11. +1

  12. +1

  13. gasstationwithoutpumps

    I too would love to have GIST-formatted source code. I've been very frustrated trying to talk about programming on a blog. The code tag does not work properly as it throws away indenting. Try doing Python when the indenting is messed up!

  14. +1 Editing source code with wordpress is a pain and it's really hard to maintain the result, even with [sourcecode]

  15. +1 It's rare that I create a post without source code. I would much prefer to embed a gist.

  16. I left wordpress for this reason.

  17. I don't want to leave WordPress, but I'm about to go to Posterous for this reason.

  18. I am writing another code laden blog post this morning. I really wish I could use gist. Please?

  19. Same here. Pretty please!

  20. Bump! This would be very useful, maybe a dealbreaker for coders looking to blog.

  21. josefbetancourt


  22. I'd really love to see this on too. I was considering switching over to other platforms, but I'd miss the ease of use of

  23. I'm new using gist (github specifically). I hope that gave support to embed gist into free blog!!!!!!!!!

  24. +1, really needs to be added.

  25. +1000, Pretty please? :)

  26. +1

  27. Please, please, please add gist support.

  28. The same please from me =)

  29. +10k please give us gist on

  30. +10k please give us gist on

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