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Give avatar images to commentors on blog

  1. I have a blog for close family & friends and want to provide them with avatars (they do not have WordPress accounts and are not required to make one to comment- I hate being forced to do that) But it would be much friendlier if my dad, my sister, best friend, etc, could have images instead of things next to their comments.

    How do I do that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. WordPress owns and supports Gravatars, so you - or they - could go to, make an account, and then upload an image and then when they comment on your blog, that image would appear. That is about the only way really other than them getting a account and uploading an avatar/gravatar through wordpress (which is really the same as doing it through

  3. I was trying to save them the trouble of having to go online, create an account, and a password, and then link that to wordpress, or me make them part of the blog, etc, etc.

    These are people whom I love, but can't ever remember the very simple password for the blog, or how to comment. Forcing them to go through all that just for a picture is way too much. Actually, them commenting at all is enough work for them.

  4. You know in this situation it might be best to just turn avatar/gravatars off entirely at settings > discussion (toward bottom of page).

  5. You could set your avatars to monsters instead. The blog will remember their email addresses and give them the same monster every time. If they want more customization than that, they're going to have to register somewhere.

  6. They have monsters now.
    Hmm. Maybe no icons is better.

  7. You can also choose the quilt-like geometric avatars. They, too, will remember people's emails and use the same pattern when they comment again.

  8. Well, yes, many of our family is from pennsylvania, where we have a fairly sizable Amish country, but we aren't quilt-folk.

  9. I'll mark it as resolved even though the desired resolution is unachievable.

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