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Give me code to embed this hulkshare mp3

  1. Hello,

    I am using a wordpress blog hosted on wordpress server so I know there are certain limitations.

    I just want to embed some mp3s from hulkshare and I tried to use [audio url] but it didn't worked.

    I also googled and tried "gigya" but it didn't work either. It display's the player but does not buffer the song.

    This is the link to that file:

    also please give me the code if I can embed Hulkshare player itself on my blog.

    Please help me out guys. I am noob at this coding.

  2. What is the audio URL you tried to use? As in all cases when we ask for a URL please preface it with http://

  3. [gigya src="" height="24" width="400" id="6032683" FlashVars="soundFile=" quality="high" wmode="transparent" ]

    This is the code I tried. Correct me if I am doing anything wrong please.
    Thanks for your help.

  4. What is the AUDIO URL that you tried to use?

    Not the Gigya code. The AUDIO code.


    This is the audio file and URL I am using.

  6. Then why do you not just use the Audio embed code

    [audio]</p> <p>?

  7. [audio]

    I tried like this and it's still not working. It just stays Buffering but it's not playing audio.

  8. That's easy: go to Edit the post and make sure the link isn't live. That is, you see how it's linked, blue and live? Put the cursor somewhere within it and click the "unchain" button. That unlinks it. That will make it work.

    Fidgety, but it works.

  9. No luck!

    Any other way ?

    I tried the code as I have shown you above. I tried the same code in HTML and Visual both but still it doesn't work.

  10. Hulkshare often disable hotlinking: if you try the URL you pasted above, you'll see that it now links to the page with the mp3 instead of the file itself. Upload your mp3s to a free file hosting site that provides direct URLs that don't stop working: try Fileden or Kiwi6.

  11. Thanks guys for your help, I will try different host.

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