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    the top blogs should also give the new bloggers a chance for some exposure.
    Check it out.I hav a daily humor column blog.
    [Deleted spam link – drmike]



    And this is the third thread with your blog name in it.

    How to get into the top blogs?

    There’s various methods. Unfortunately I can’t find the correct link right now but either DrMike or Timethief wrote an excellent article on how to improve your blog exposure.


    Why? They’ve earnt their place at the top by having 100’s if not thousands of visitors a day. If you want exposure go and do it yourself.



    Just not in the forum…



    This thread sounds like a thinly disguised “how do I get to post my URL in the forums with a genuine sounding question so that some click on it” to me. Advertised with a SHOUTED TITLE.



    “by not making an ass of yourself spamming the forum” would be my suggestion for growing your blog’s readership.

    But if your goal as a humour blogger is to make people laugh, you’ve achieved it. Congrats.



    Are there good ways to get that word of mouth exposure? The people who have it have earned it, surely. But how do they grow it to begin with? I wonder if there’s a wordpress blog specifically written to help give new blogs exposure. And if so, that’d be a great place to start. Send them a message and ask if you can get reviewed.



    References for new bloggers:
    FAQs –
    Forum search box –
    Getting the attention of search engine spiders

    Resources for new bloggers: Beginner’s Guide

    (1) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you edit your profile and link your username to your blog.

    (2) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you regularly post high quality, original content posts to your blog.

    (3) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you invest time and energy into leaving meaningful comments on other blogs, in forums and on websites related to your blogging topics.

    (4) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you tag your posts with categories that are specific to your blogging topics.

    (5) Promoting your blog will be more effective if you actually follow the tips found through use of the links I gave you above.


    Here’s another i just wrote up aswell :) On gaining exposure



    I don’t need a condo, but I see a lot of guys wearing sandwich boards in my town.



    Now this is a productive thread. : )



    Doing a search will show you a great deal more of them as well as this is a much discussed topic over and over again. :)

    aniche, I’ve deleted your other threads as spam and asked staff to review what you’ve done. At the very least learn some manners and read the stickies here at the top of the forums. Shouting (ie TYPING IN ALL CAPS) and spamming the support forums is considered very rude most places on the net as well as here.

    To answer your question though, a grand total of 7,356 readers within a single month won’t get you on the top blog list. You have to build your readership with teh suggestions made in this thread.



    im sorry if u gt offended by the capital letters, mike.And it’s not like i ws trying to make profit out of posting my blog is a legitimate one and so were the threads.I’m sorry if I posted it too many times.My bad!!!won’t see it happnin again!



    once again.spamming wasn’t my intention.


    lol you just have >.< why make 2 posts when you can add your original one if you want to add more content

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