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    My blog is apart of the VIP program. Can I used Rafflecopter to do a giveaway? If not, what can I do to have a giveaway on my blog? Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    Staff is not part of VIP:

    It just has a Value Bundle, which means that it is still subject to our terms of service.

    A giveaway would be fine, as long as it not just some form of advertising for the product being given away.


    Thank you for your reply. I do have a few more questions…

    1. The item Im giving away was not given to me for the purpose of a giveaway. But they gave me permission to give the item away. Is that considered advertising?

    2. What program like Rafflecopter (sorry if thats the wrong tech term) works with WordPress?

    Thank you



    Rafflecopter may work, but if their code uses Flash, Javascript, or iframes, we can’t allow it.

    Under what pretense if the giveaway being offered? Are you writing a post about the product, Rafflecopter, etc?

    Giveaways usually entail some sort of advertising, either for the product or the giveway organization itself.

    For example, “The Gillette Mach 8 will not only shave your beard, it’ll take your head clean off! Enter the giveaway now!”

    Or, “Rafflecopter is an amazing service where someone makes money by giving away free stuff, like this Gillette Mach 8!”

    The first scenario advertises for Gillette, and the second advertises for Rafflecopter, neither would be acceptable under the Advertising clause of our terms of service.

    Now, if you’re advertising your blog or your own work, like a book, that’s fine.

    For example, “I love you folks. Without readers like you, I’d have nothing to do, so I want to offer you a change to win a Gillette Mach 8!”

    That would be perfectly fine.

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