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giving feedback on Spectrum

  1. Spectrum is one of the best (for me) themes i've seen recently. i'll revert back to 2010 for now as i'm geared for it and there are a couple of things that Spectrum offers and then seems to limit that may be able to be adjusted...

    things i like about Spectrum:
    - the single tile image option.
    - the transparency - over all i like this direction
    - layout (single side column and especially the header area - blog title, menus and comment layout areas - the way it's set up, easy to spot etc. - i like this a lot)

    things i'd like adjusted on Spectrum (if possible):
    - the green behind the title of a post is limiting to options that Spectrum seems to open up - particularly color for background and header, but also images in the blog - i like the idea behind it a lot, i'd like either to choose my own color (preferable) or to make it a more neutral color such as gray, black or white variations
    - i'd prefer the header itself to be larger - or some options as to size.
    - i'd like the size of the side column font and space to be smaller so that it doesnt compete with the blog entry visually.
    - if the blog Name could be separated from the transparency area it would read a little better - even something like what is done with the menus.

    all in all, i appreciate the effort and thinking in Spectrum. way cool, thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I second your observations on things that need to be adjusted. The thing is though that wordpress seldom makes changes to an author's design unless it is necessary to support features or if it has to do with the limitations here.

  3. This is more of a technical error from I can determine for Spectrum. I tried previewing Spectrum for 2 of my blogs:

    and the one embedded with my name profile.

    Same problem: the blog date has tiny single apostrophe at the end. For example:
    07 10 10' All blog dates have this "error" in the conversion.

    Otherwise I like the the overall clean look of it, etc.

    2. For a 4th new blog which is currently private because it's in draft: I noticed that if a blog title is long, it just word wraps and title appears as a block of text, 3 lines long, left justified at the top of the blog page. Is this the intention?

  4. @rickdaddario Thank you for the feedback, glad you like Spectrum. As thesacredpath says we stay fairly true to the original design unless we need to support new features or fix display bugs.

    @maidiebike Thanks for the info. For #1, that is a bug that we'll fix. #2 is intentional, yes. Spectrum works better with shorter titles since the title area is rather narrow.

  5. @lance - I haven't tried Spectrum on my test blog yet, but the Gallery in the demo blog is seriously borked both in FF and Chrome. Thumbnails under the main image on attachment pages disappear or don't appear at all and if they do the link to the next image isn't active; if you click on the post title, all the thumbnails and the post title are suddenly covered.

  6. @justjennifer Thanks for that report, checking it out now.

  7. I've tested this theme and it didn't seem right. The front page was just fine, but, when I clicked in a singular post, the background and other features were all in trouble, including the side bar widgets.

  8. @justjennifer Fixed. Thanks again!

  9. I can verify the background problem on single post pages. Safari 5.0.2 and in FF 3.6.10 as well (both Mac).

  10. @mygayexperiences @thesacredpath Screenshots or links to actual blogs would be helpful so we can duplicate the issue.


    I can give you screen shots if you wish.

  12. Here is a link to a screen cap from the single post page.

  13. Same thing happens on pages as well.

  14. Thanks much! The issue was with the tag cloud in the footer (when it was disabled). Should be fixed now.

  15. What are the title/text selectors for this theme? Is there an easy way to find them myself? I always open up the code with the "view source" option in my browser... but I can never seem to find them.

  16. The page is in the menu bar, but when I click on it not one of the things I have listed on that page shows up. I am using twenty ten right know no problem. The other page shows everything but this one is blank.

  17. @ lance & @ sacredpath - thank you for looking into and replying.

    yes, i'm behind your policy to not alter/adjust an authors creation - unless functionally necessary - i appreciate that attitude a lot. i wasnt sure if the things that are suggested might reach and be considered by the original author. altho i have to admit i do not know the time involved already or what it would take for the author to adjust their theme - and of course they might like it as is too. i did leave my testing of Spectrum up. a better choice for the background image would be easy enough for me to do (i just used something i had) and help on my part but then i suspect there will be choices like that too.

    i wonder... if it would help those who are creating themes, to have a group of bloggers who would be willing to test their themes out while in development before opening it up to all. may be you already do that. or they do it in house.

    i like a lot about what Spectrum is doing. it may not be quite there for me yet, but i'm sure it will be for a lot of people. cool on working out the bugs too. thank you.

  18. @lance, thanks for the quick action on the issues.

  19. Does anyone know the header, site description, and content html selectors for this theme? I'm using Typekit and I can't seem to find the right selectors I've tried using Firebug but I still can't find the right codes. I would be eternally grateful for any assistance!

  20. Blog title: #header #logo h1 a

    Tagline/description: #site-description h2

    Post/page content: .entry

  21. Thank you so much! How do you figure that out? I got different results from Firebug. I hate to keep bugging people with this every time I change themes.

  22. In test preview for (I currently use Misty Look) , I noticed that whenever there is a slideshow frame in a blog post, for the paragraph under the slide frame, the spaces between sentence lines are noticeably compressed. This looks likes a technical error.

    I am intrigued that the caption titles under images are not easily differentiated by different font size or font type, the surrounding blog post text.

  23. Firebug will only take you so far. You have to study the XHTML and how it and the CSS relate to one another, and in some cases what you end up using is not the specific selector firebug reports, but a parent selector.

    The header logo text is logo h1, but it is also a link, so you have to use the link selector for logo h1, which is logo h1 a.

    The tagline was a direct read off of firebug.

    The main content is under #content, but there are several classes under that parent ID (.main-title, .post-meta, .entry). .entry is the body of the post.

  24. drheights48127

    Ok the pages are not working right on this theme I can not find the pages I put under a parent page. Tried it on each of my blog, and same problem the blog I want to use this on hit If you look under commissions and boards on the header you will see the drop down for all of them. Same for the council members. The council members transfer over no problem, but the commissions and boards do not. Please help me.

  25. @drheights48127 Did you create a Custom menu at some point?

    And by the way there is no www in blog addresses. :)

  26. OK-I can confirm what @drheights48127 is saying.

    Just created child pages to the 1 parent page on my test blog. There is no display of page hierarchy; Only the parent page shows up in the header. Apparently this is also the case on the spectrum test blog

    In order to display child pages in the navbar, one must create a Custom menu.

    Feature or bug?

  27. @texjoy777: Re your first post, to view the CSS of a theme you go to Appearance > Edit CSS and click "view original stylesheet".

  28. drheights48127

    So feature or bug anyone know the answer I like the look of it, but can not use it the was it is. I wish someone would fix this please.

    Thank You

  29. Nice theme, installed it right away!

    Question though: can I change the order of date to the European style? Instead of 10-18-10 I would like to read 18-10-10 for today. Anybody? :)

  30. @michielvisser: Hi. More information about this issue here:

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