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giving feedback on Spectrum

  1. Thanks for all the reports and comments!

    That is the way Spectrum is supposed to work, only showing the top most parents when no custom menus are set. As justjennifer pointed out, you can get drop-downs to work if you use custom menus.

    @michielvisser and @airodyssey
    You can now have a date of 'd/m/Y' if you set it so in your settings.

  2. leadershipliteracies

    I really love Spectrum, especially the header image. Unfortunately I've somehow lost the image so my site is looking rather plain.

    How do I fix this? I have css editing capabilities.

  3. Fantastic theme, but I have some problems on particular pages. Why would some pages work and others not? This seems to be limited to IE, as Chrome displays the page just fine.

  4. lindacassidylewis

    I changed background images and now my page loads slowly. Actually, the background image loads immediately, but the white main column background loads slowly. Is there a way to fix this?

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