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Giving feedback on YOUR blogs!

  1. Hey all,
    I'm sure we all often feel we could do with a little more support and feedback on our writing. So share your blogs here and I will comment and give feedback on every single one of them. You can check mine out too if you like, but there's no obligation!

    Happy sharing!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would love some feedback on mine! I just started, so theres not alot, but let me know whart you think. I love hearing other peoples opinions :)

  3. I like it! It's fun and preppy. Looking forward to seeing more :)

  4. I would love some feedback on my new poetry blog. Obviously feedback on the poetry would be nice, but I'd greatly appreciate your opinion on the theme I've chosen, on how it looks, if the layout of the text works for you, and how I can make it more user-friendly.

  5. @officialheatherelizabeth - I love the theme and background!

    Question? Have you ever tried doing a classy, sophistaced photo shoot? I was thinking perhaps a vintage dress. Perhaps a Marilyn Monroe look? That would probably get you a ton of work. I am only 34, but have traveled alot and most successful models do some shoots in vintage dresses, with a classic style.

    Commented on some of your posts.

    Best Regards,


  6. @drinkingpoet: Overall it's really quite nice. I also find that less cluttered sites with simple layouts are better and you seem to have achieved quite a good balance there. I love the colours in your theme, but I have always had a problem with reading white text over darker backgrounds as opposed to dark over light, as I find it a bit tiring on my eyes. But this could just be a personal thing.

    I love your writing by the way!

  7. @smashford - I could use some feedback on my site. Is it too cluttered? I do have a ton of stuff on the widgets. Thanks

  8. i could also use some feedback;)

  9. @lizfruitberry: You do have a lot of stuff on the widgets, but you've managed not to make it feel terribly cluttered as your main posts are set out in a simple way and are also nicely centered.
    That said, I do tend to ignore all the stuff off to the side on the widgets when I visit a blog. What I usually look for is a main page with the posts, an "About" and somewhere to easily access the posts. The other stuff tends to go over my head a little. However, I don't think YOU should get rid of your widgets because they don't dominate the page and overwhelm it with clutter. Should a reader be interested, the option is there :)
    Nicely done :) And I love your tagline.

  10. @rilindgashi7: I left some comments on your blog! :)

  11. thx;) i saw that,

    how do u enable ‘like’ and ‘comment’ buttons on the front page?

  12. because i do think its already activated.

  13. @smashford - thanks for your feedback - I really do appreciate it, and thanks also for the nice things you say about my writing.

    It was the colours and simple layout that initially drew me to the theme, and I still like them, but like you I wonder about the white text on dark background issue.

    I too find white text more tiring to read, and I may experiment with other themes to see if I can find something that works better. I guess that at least with a poetry blog it's not like the reader is faced with thousand word articles (no way would I have chosen this theme for my business blog, where I've gone for an ultra-clean black text on light parchment look).

    I would also like a theme that gave me a better header option, as this theme is EXTREMELY limited in that regard. However, that's not critical since I'm not trying to win any design awards - I want people to focus on my poetry, not go "Wow - this blog looks amazing!"

    Thanks for doing this whole thread - it must be a lot of work for you, so kudos.

  14. drinkingpoet:

    i read a little in ur blog, althought im not into poetry and stuff like that i would like to point out that ur blog is very easy to navigate and the layout is nice so if people are into those things that you write about i would easy see that they will read your blog.


    same here, easy to navigate, maybe a little bit more colours would make the blog look more interesting because now with the white background it seems a little bit boring. Same goes with the poetry here as above, im not into that but ill follow both of you;)

  15. @rilindgashi7: You can enable the 'like' and'comment' buttons for every post on the front page by going to dashboard>sharing>settings and select 'show buttons on front page'. That's if they aren't already on, but right now I can only see them when I click on each individual post. Hope this helps! :)
    Perhaps my white background is a little boring, but it is nice and simple and hopefully my words will create an impact :)

  16. @drinkingpoet: I agree that the colours in your theme are really nice, so I think if you like it, keep it. Like you say, it's poetry, not an article with thousands of words. Blue and white is a beautiful combination. But it's true that the themes are often limited as to what you can do with them, in terms of customising them, unless we pay money for all of the extras. Anyway it's just great that we have somewhere we can blog for free :)
    About the header, does your theme not allow you to upload images for the header?

    And no problem for doing the thread, I am actually enjoying it!

  17. @smashford - the only alteration you can make to the header is that little logo with the 3 coloured overlapping circles - you can change that so long as it's 50x50 pixels. I mean, I like minimal, but I think that is taking things to a bit of an extreme, don't you?

    Like I said, I may play with some other themes just to see if it's worth making the change, but one of the reasons i chose the theme is because it's kind of dark, and so is most of my poetry. it seemed to fit.

  18. @smashford - I appreciate your feedback. The widgets on the side are really only there for Smartphone users. I have noticed more and more bloggers are using the app from there Smartphones instead of using a laptop or desktop computer.

    It is odd, but only certain widgets will show up on a Smartphone. So, I had to actually alter my site for people that only access the site from a Smartphone.

    For example, the only widget that shows my most recent posts via a smartphone is the "top posts and pages widget."

    I guess my advice to bloggers is this:

    Take a look at your site on a Smartphone, and adapt it accordingly.

    Thanks for the feedback, noone ever gives me feedback!

  19. @smashford - you are the only person to notice and comment on my tagline - ever!

    I have wondered for six months about my tagline, noone would ever give me feedback!

    BTW - your site, I love the theme and the poetry! The poetry is about everyday problems, down-to-earth, and I actually understand it!

    I am Following your blog and your site is on my blogroll under "Sylv" - hope this drives traffic and followers to your site!

    Best Regards,

    Liz Fruitberry (LizEccentric7)

  20. Hi Everyone,

    My blog is just a simple inspirational blog created to offer some form of hope, to share my feelings about life, and to learn how others feel about life.

    It is located at:

    Have a blessed day,

    T.S. Wilkins

  21. Hey there, I'm always looking for feedback of any sort.
    My blog is please feel free to pop a comment and join in the debate :)
    @smashford what's it like having dreadlocks? I considered the idea...

  22. invisiblemikey

    @smashford ---

    I admire anyone who's able to write poetry. Your work is direct and touching. I agree with your orientation toward simplicity in blog themes. Wandering around your site gave me a peaceful feeling.

    Feel free to visit mine if you wish, but there's no obligation to comment unless something affects you significantly. I write for practice, on a wide variety of topics, but with repeated themes like voluntary simplicity (owning less/reducing our carbon footprint) and radical inclusivity (the opposite of fundamentalism). I began blogging during a move from a big city to a small town, in preparation for retirement in the next few years. Though it wasn't your intention to make me laugh with the title "Shave Your Head and Move to the Country", it did - because I had done that.

  23. I think you've really hit home when it comes to addiction. Very incisive work!

    My stuff is at . I'm just starting out writing a novel and I'm nervous as hell, so please give me a push if you like what you read. Massive thanks again for your words on addiction. Brill.

  24. I love your poetry! The layout is simple and easy to navigate which I find is what draws me in.

    I have had my blog for a few months but I'm only really starting to post more. My blog revolves around my art, some photos that I have taken as well as various artists.

  25. @lizfruitberry: Not being the owner of a smart phone myself, I have never actually considered what it might look like on a smart phone. Perhaps a little silly of me! So, good tip.
    And thanks so much for the feedback and adding me to your blogroll!

  26. @invisiblemikey: Haha! How did shaving your head and moving to the country turn out for you?
    I visited your blog... It is witty, informative and interesting. I like it.
    Thanks for checking my blog out. I appreciate it :)

  27. @greyroompictures: Glad you enjoyed my poem :) Thanks for checking it out.
    I lieft some comment on your blog. It's a fun story. Keep writing!

  28. invisiblemikey

    @sylv ---

    It's working out extremely well. I save a couple thousand per year in haircuts and products, our stress level is lower, and having deer sleep in the back yard is pretty sweet!

  29. @joejames93: Having dreadlocks was interesting. I personally think they can be very beautiful, but they do take a fair bit of maintenance initially if you don't just want to look like a scruffy hippy. Also, if you do get them, be prepared to hear a lot of negativity from people around you! Most people don't like them and aren't afraid to say so ;) But I think you should go for it. It feels good to step out from the crowd.

  30. I would love an opinion on my blog, I started it a few weeks ago and have much more to do include tweaking the pages etc. But an opinion would be great before I get to far into it...

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