Giving my blog the look of e-bay

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    we’re making a blog for (you could say it’s Latin- America’s version of e-bay) and we want to give it a look similar to that of our listings of products in the site. We’re finding this to be quite a challenge in CSS. Although none of the things we’re trying to achieve is too fancy, they seem to be somewhat off the beaten track for WordPress.
    1-Firstly, we want to put a border around every entry… the hole entry, including title, image and paragraph. Something like this dosen’t quite work:
    h1, p, img {border: 1px solid blue;}
    since it frames each element individually. Is there an object-name for the entire entry? So as to write something like:
    entry {border: 1px solid blue;}
    2- Secondly, we want a thumb-nail to appear on every entry… we can achieve this with:
    img {height:100px; width:100px;}
    but the problem is this also shrinks pictures inside the entry… we want the picture inside the post to appear full size. Is there a particular template that includes a thumbnail on each post? or is there a way to fix image sizes only when viewing the post summaries?
    3- Thirdly, we want the latest entry to appear minimized, looking just like the older ones.
    4- Is there any widget to allow a rating system? So as to allow readers to rate the posts from 1 to 5? Or at least a way to display the amount of visits each post gets and rank them by the amounts of visits.
    Thank you so much for your time,
    I hope there’s someone out there up for the challenge



    1. No idea. Can’t access your blog(‘s source code)

    2. Do you really understand the concept of CSS?

    3. As in 1.

    4. You can have a widget with recently popular entries.

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