Glitch in petite melodies (Mobile device)

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    Hi there,

    I love the new petite melodies theme.
    I was about to purchase it until I viewed it on my iphone.

    Is there a glitch in the mobile layout for petite melodies?
    The header does not download completely. Not sure if it’s just my device.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    Nope, not just you. There is a bug somewhere that staff need to address. I’m seeing it on the demo page on my iPhone too.

    I’ll tag this to have it moved to the themes forum and hopefully staff will be around soon to look into it.



    Cool, thanks!


    You are welcome.



    Thanks for the heads-up! This has been fixed. :)


    I’m noticing what might be a glitch on my regular computer for this same theme which I just purchased and not sure why…some of the details that are there in the demo, the squiggly lines next to the menus at the top of the page and between the widgets aren’t showing. It doesn’t affect usability just the overall look. Can’t figure out why. Any ideas?

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