Glitch in WordPress Stats?

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    This morning I checked wordpress stats for my blog (We Can Do, at 5 am and found that it had recorded 125 hits since 7 pm last night (EST).

    It is now nearly two hours later and the WordPress stats is still frozen at 125 hits. But this makes no sense because Sitemeter shows about 15 visitors to my site in the past two hours! (See This makes me wonder if WordPress might have also missed any hits from before 5 a.m. as well, though it’s hard to extrapolate from Sitemeter since the recording methodology seems to be a little different (though never THIS dramatically different!)

    This week MIGHT turn out to be a record-breaking week for me. Or if not, then it should come close to it. I would certainly hate to miss recording any of those hits because of a glitch!

    Has anyone else been seeing puzzling figures with their WordPress stats for today? Particularly those that conflict with whatever outside webcounter server you’re using?

    If so, to whom and how should we report?


    Ok, never mind. I still don’t understand what happened this morning (if anyone knows, I’d still be curious to hear/read the answer). BUT, the problem seems to have fixed itself: WordPress now suddenly shows 278 hits for my blog since last night, which is more consistent with (or actually better than) the numbers I usually see for about this time of day.

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