Glitch or new? I have to scroll to see modules on new post/edit post pages

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    When I go to do a new post or edit an old one, the modules that are beneath the post are so far out of view that I have to scroll right down to see them. I’ve got the ones I want moved to the side as usual, but the ones that I prefer to be positioned below the post are so far down. I like to have the edit box fairly small so that I can just see a paragraph or two at a time, but this way the whole post is visible. I hate this. Please tell me it’s a glitch or bug and not something permanent.

    I’ve cleared my cache and it’s still happening. Is anyone else having this problem with the edit page? Oh, and it’s happening on all my blogs.

    The blog I need help with is


    having similar issues

    thought it might be IE8 but same issues on another pc with IE7



    I’m using Firefox and it’s only just happened, so I assume it’s either to do with the most recent changes that WordPress has been making or something new that they’ve brought in. :(

    The essence of it is that the edit post box stretches the full length of an existing post and the new post box is the same length. It looks almost like WordPress has guaged how long my longest post is and made the box that long. I hope it’s just temporary and I hope that someone will have an answer soon.


    Go to settings > writing and decrease the number of lines that show in the editor boxes.



    Hi there,
    Long shot: Check here > Settings > Writing
    Size of the post box __lines
    “save changes”

    Note that we can drag the bottom right corner on the editor box to decrease of increase the number of lines displayed in it.


    @thesacredpath and @timethief – thanks but I already the writing settings set there to how I like it, and that hasn’t changed. This is something different. I have to scroll the page at least ten times the length of the scroll bar just to reach the bottom of the window. Also, yes, I know one can drag the bottom right corner of the editor box to decrease or increase the number of lines displayed but what is happening is I’m scrolling down to the bottom of the page to do that and then can only clidk and drag the bottom of the editor box up to about half way up the window, then have to scroll again – and again and again.. til it’s where I want it to be. It’s just crazy.

    Here’s a screenshot in my media library (hopefully you’ll be able to view it):


    PS. For the moment, I’ve moved the modules that I most use, to the side but I really prefer the publish module to be beneath the post. If you can see the screenshot, you’ll notice, too, that the scroll bar is for the page not for the edit box. :(



    Thanks for the response and screenshot. Too bad this is happening to you. It must be annoying. I’m all out of suggestions aside from contacting Staff but I’m hoping that maybe another Volunteer has a solution they can post.


    Thanks TT. I’ll give it another day or so then, if nobody else here knows, I’ll contact Staff after the weekend.



    Thanks for your patience. I’m sure Staff will appreciate it as they are very busy right now. Who knows? Another Volunteer may come up with a solution for you before then. I sure do hope so.. :)


    I just did an experiment and made the edit box (in writing settings) 30 lines, which is much less than I usually use, and can see the bottom of the window now without scrolling, but the search box at top right now covers the screen options and help buttons. (And anything else that gets in its way as one scrolls the sidebar). So something is definitely wrong.


    Hmm, that screenshot looks like a potential bug although I just tried in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome and couldn’t reproduce it. Would you mind sending an email to with the details about which browsers and versions it happens in? We’ll sort out some details there and see what’s going on. Thanks!

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