Glitch? Or Template?

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    I have this glitch in my write a post section. It has to do with the template fixed width. The write interface will sometimes stop word wrapping. Is this a glitch or the template or maybe even Opera browser glitch?


    Opera is not completely compatible with the TinyMCE editor that wordpress uses. If possible, I would download and use Firefox since it is by far the most compatible of all browsers with wordpress, and with the TinyMCE editor.


    Oops, here is the download link:



    Thank you, I figured it was Opera! I have firefox already, I will use that then to do my blogging. I have however found a most annoyingly slower way around it by writing it first in notepad and then copy pasting it into the editor.

    Thank you again!




    Provided your blog is not set to “private” I would like to suggest that you link your username to your blog, rather than the non-wordpress site that you have it linked to presently. This is done very easily. -> Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile
    Scroll down to “webiste” in the right hand column.
    Delete the url you presently have in there and replace it with the url for your blog.
    Lastly click “Update Profile” to save the changes.

    If your blog is set to private then simply delete the irrelevant url in the website field and leave it empty. Then click “Update Profile”.

    Doing this will ensure that when we volunteers are trying to help you with your issues that we can see your blog when clicking on your username, rather than arriving on a completely irrelevant website.

    Happy blogging :)

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