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Glitch with adding links

  1. amybirthingbody

    On my page "About Me" I added two links at the end for and I select the text, hit the link button, type in and "open in new window", then ok.

    But when it publishes it has the link as which is obviously not an accurate link, it should just be

    I know I'm doing this right because I've done it a hundred times before. What's going on??



    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's probably because you're either putting http twice or not at all. When you open the link, it has http already in there. Your link MUST begin with that. If you've wiped it out of there instead of adding your http://www.whatever link to it, your links will format the deformed way you've seen. The solution is to click at the end of the http:// and then add your http://www.whatever.

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