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    I am using theme twenty ten, and my ‘customise’ – ‘header image’ options do not allow me to add a header image of my own, even though this site is an EXACT match of another site using the same theme (one is for a different language), and this other site,, allows me to choose my own header image. In this latter site there are two tabs for ‘header image’, ‘uploaded’ and ‘default’, but in the matched site, I only have ‘default’ and clicking on the little window does not do anything at all…

    Both these sites have a static home page and a defined ‘posts’ page. In the site that allows me to choose the header of my own, the static home page and the ‘posts’ page show this image. I have set ‘featured image’ for the other pages (another post of mine asked if I could have a different image for the ‘posts’ page but a kind happiness engineer told me that I couldn’t).

    I tried to fix the situation on this matched site but setting a featured image for the home page, and I’ve managed to do that, but the ‘posts’ page just shows one of the several default header images, or no image at all, those seem to be my only choices.

    Please help, thanks in advance.

    please help! Thanks in advance.
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    1) In this latter site there are two tabs for ‘header image’, ‘uploaded’ and ‘default’, but in the matched site, I only have ‘default’
    Of course: how can there be an “uploaded” tab when you haven’t uploaded any header images?

    2) To upload a header image, you go to Appearance > Header, click “Browse”, select from your computer, click Upload. If these aren’t working, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. (What browser and version are you using?)
    You can also try uploading the image via Media > Add New, then go to Appearance > Header and click Choose Image.

    3) The kind happiness engineer was wrong. If you want image A on your static front page, image B on your posts page, and images C, D etc on the other static pages, you set A, C, D etc as featured images to the respective pages and you upload B in Appearance > Header.



    Justpl — wow, thank you so much. This is Sandra here, actually, I do the website for David. I had a total brain melt regarding the header situation, of course it’s in Appearance! Thanks. And the other issue, fantastic, SO great to have this fix. I should track down the happiness engineer who gave me the wrong info. Anyway, thanks again

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