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global dashboard

  1. hello,

    i use my account to have an API key to use with the WP stats plugin on standalone wordpress installations.
    just recently, when i log in to & i want to go to my 'global dashboard' or to 'edit my profile' i get an error.
    I get a server error saying it can't find ""
    the site '' is one of the sites i registerd with the API to use the WP stats plugin. the site & hosting for stopped some time ago.

    I guess i'd have to remove this site from the preferences. > which i can't do since i can't recht my global dashboard or my global profile...

    thank you for reading,

  2. i also am having this problem with two sites.

  3. @kurtstockman: I've reset the Primary Blog on your account back to your one so you can get in and manage your account again

  4. @sporkulios: I've reset the Primary Blog on your account back to your one so you can get in and manage you account again too.

  5. Same problem with my blogs...

  6. I am not able to load the page - nothing happen and it never opens up.

    Also a friend of mine who uses Stats plugin on his self hosted WordPress blogs, only gets the log in page instead of any statistic. Also when he log in to and go to it will only redirect him to one of his own domains self hosted WordPress blogs.

    Please confirm that this is a globale problem? What is going on?

  7. I'm having the same problem too.

  8. I'm only getting the login page instead of my stats plugin page as well. I also cannot load

    Is something happening?

  9. Same here. Tried to see the stats, and got redirected to the primary blog's login. Trying to access the dashboard sends me to the primary blog's admin page.
    Looks like they changed something...

  10. I am having the problem. Went in and re-created the old domain, thinking that maybe I just needed to delete something it was pointing to? But now I just get the admin page for that blog when I try to go into the global settings. And, ironically the admin page for that blog shows up in my stat boxes for my other blogs as well.

    Sure seems to be a global issue and it would be nice if WordPress would confirm this and put the information out there - even if it just says - we are working this and will have it fixed short.

  11. We are looking into the problem.

  12. I'm having the same issue, it could be the original blog i registered with is no longer hosted?

  13. bacchusbacchus

    I'll wager this is an unintended consequence of the major overhaul that the stats just got on stats displays:

  14. Same problem here. Being redirected to my own dashboard any time.



  15. Yep - I am guessing it has all to do with the major overhaul that Sexy Stats was bringing to the table. And after both this issue and seeing the preview of sexy stats over here on I am hoping that it is not the plan to make that the default. Those graphs look clunky to me and from reader comments a lot of folks like them, but just as many dis-approve - complaining that so many things that use to be in a concise location now require additional clicks to see things.

  16. joansargent802

    I am also getting this problem on my site. I've disabled the stats for the moment (it was refreshing and loading to a screen with the smiley) so that it doesn't auto-load to the smiley page, but my global is also not working.

  17. Having same/similar issue -- go to log on to self-hosted blog, redirects to global dashboard no matter what I do. Have to log out of the account to get regular self-hosted admin page.

  18. My stats on my self hosted site keeps redirecting me to my dashboard.

  19. I'm experiencing this exact same issue. I seem to remember it happened once or twice in the past but corrected itself eventually.

  20. The problems should be resolved. It was not related to stats.

  21. Looks good here on
    Thanks for the quick resolution!

  22. Thanks for fixing this faster than my grandma can spell WordPress! :)

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