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Global "search & replace" for links

  1. Am I safe to ask another question? Related again to Domain upgrade really.

    Due to the nature of my site, I link a lot of articles to other articles (forwards and backwards).

    Now all those links are effectively out of date, although of course the redirect takes care of that. Call me OCD if you like, but I would like a way to go through ALL posts and replace the old for the new.

    Then there is just the question of changing a page title and permalink. I have changed the title and was about to change the permalink when I thought - "Uh oh - I'll break all the links in the articles pointing to this page!".

    I realise in the latter example, if anyone had linked to that page on other sites, I would also break their links, so that is a bit of a consideration, of course.

    Just asking the question!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please do not tinker with blog titles and URLs. Leave them be. When you purchase a domain and domain mapping the domain name change takes up to 72 hours to propagate throughout the internet. It's usually shorter but it can be longer. We have no control over each location and when they choose to flush their DNS cache.

    Purchasing domain mapping means the root blog URLs will automatically redirect to the domain URLs. Wherever those original URLs are clicked the software will redirect to the domain URLs automatically.

    Also note that on the Admin side of your blog you will see original URLs in your top browser bar -- this is normal.

    Hope this helps. :)

  3. I didn't tinker - simply because I have too many links to tinker with and me being me, if I changed one, I would HAVE to change them all!

    I'd still like to be able to chnge them though, redirect or no redirect. That is just me.

    You know, my daughter suggested a domain when I actually started this and I wish now I had done it back then!

  4. There is no global search and replace and interfering with the redirection of URLs can have negative consequences. I chose to simply wait. :)

  5. Listen to TT. It's a really, REALLY bad idea.

  6. *sigh* blogging software and Google do not cater to those of us with mild tendancies toward perfection.

  7. No, they really don't. It's much more about laying it out quickly and tagging correctly. You can update the contents of a post or page, but don't ever tinker with the URL. I've learned the hard way.

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