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    This is not a problem with my blog in particular, but some sort of glitch I have found with global tags. When I’m scrolling through the global tags of say a tag of “love” or “nature” or “manifestation” I can see all the blogs that have this tag in it. Then, I look at the other tags that these blogs have for a given post. I’ve seen NUMEROUS posts that have the tag of “Law of Attraction,” but for some reason, whenever I click on this tag (on the more than dozen or so blog posts that I’ve seen tagged with it) I get an error saying, “Sorry, we don’t have any posts here with that tag. You may want to try one of the sites below.”

    I don’t understand how this could be when I’ve seen a bunch with this tag… Can anyone explain this?


    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

    The blog I need help with is


    Just giving this thread a bump to the top…



    I cannot answer your question and encourage you to report it to Staff using this link >

    While you are waiting you can easily locate blogs categorized and/or tagged with the subject matter you indicate by doing a Google search. This is the format for the search string. Note that there is no space following the colon:

    Law of Attraction

    These are the search results produced form using that search string >

    By changing “Law of Attraction ” in that search string to any other keyword or keyword phrase you can easily locate blogs with the subject matter you are interested in.



    Important note: The “” subdomain URL blogs are the only blogs that will be reflected in search results. Those free hosted blogs on their own domains have uniqye URLs and will not be reflected in search results.


    Thank Timethief…

    I thought by putting it on the questions forum I’d get a staff member to respond, ‘spose not, eh? :-)

    I appreciate the heads-up about the Google search – I’ll use that in the mean time. :-)

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage



    Your welcome re; the Google search information. IMHO you ought to report this directly to Staff and I cannot tell if you have done this or not.
    Love and peace be with you always,

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