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Glossary would be nice

  1. Maybe it's there and I haven't seen it yet. But a glossary with definitions would be nice. Especially for WordPress specific terminology.

    For example I just looked at Akismet, I know what Spam is but the rest of those terms may as well be in Klingon.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I found this site helpful, maybe it will help you too.

  3. @bradthrasher
    Have you used the support documentation searchbox? Simply type in the term and you will be able to tell what it means by the search results you get back by simply observing the context.

  4. @frannienic
    That's a support documentation page containg the instructions for installing an author's grid widget. That support entry does not answer bradthrasher's idea submission for Staff to consider creating a Glossary.

    Also note that a forum search provides this

    The front page of the support forum here provides links for specific forums in the sidebar. This thread is entered into the Ideas Forum which is for submitting Ideas and suggestions for Staff to consider.

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