GlotPress and a general problem for some languages

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    Another GlotPress problem: :-)

    There is a string in GlotPress for counting the people who like your post or page:

    “… blogger like this %s” – %s can be “post” or “page”

    In German “this post” has to be translated with “dieser Artikel” and “this page” with “diese Seite”. So “this” has to be “dieser” or “diese”, but there is no possibility in GlotPress to translate this correct. It is bad to use such thing as “diese(r)”. Could you add two new strings for this like:

    “… blogger like %s “

    %s can be “this page” or “this post”, so we can translate this better in German?

    The blog I need help with is



    Thank you for the report and the detailed explanation! Russian has the same problem, I agree with you that the string quoted is not localization-friendly. It should be rewritten. For now, “diese(r)” is fine – there are quite a few strings like that, and generally they don’t prevent users from accomplishing their goals.

    (And a little technical distinction, it’s not a GlotPress issue per se since GlotPress is a translation tool – it just serves up whatever you place into it. I’d classify it as an internationalization problem, since that string, which is part of the code, is not translation-friendly. Let’s not blame the poor GlotPress for everything :) )

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