Go back in Archive – only see topics ?

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    So I like this theme that is named “ChaoticSoul” by Bryan Veloso.

    But using that theme what it does is if you go back into earlier posts in the archive
    all you get is the topics of all the posts, here is a screen:

    So how would I go on to make so it works more lika a “normal” theme where you see the whole posts?
    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is metadonmannen.wordpress.com.



    I don’t believe you can, unless there is some custom CSS way of doing it. Personally, I prefer the subject-only list in the archive or category views, and I now have a theme that I otherwise like but which gives entire posts. I’m using the more tag . . . more. It’s probably one of those “live with it or change themes” things.


    Yes, that’s the way the theme works, and you can’t change it (not even if you have the CSS upgrade). Relevant survey here:


    Alright thanks a lot for your quick replies!
    Appreciate it!

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