Go back to your old design – New one a major #FAIL

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    All I can do is sit here with a gaping hole of a mouth wondering what the heck you were thinking? The new homepage design is the biggest fubar attempt I have ever seen of a major company redesigning a site. Your old page was clean, easy to use, helpful, and bright. This new one is an ugly depressing dingy gray*, which I could overlook if it were not for the incredibly poor usability of the new one. It is like some high-school kid did it in his basement and went wow.. look at my cool webpage. No UI designer would have put that mess together.

    Who in the world would have allowed this company Automattic to do this to your site? If it is not fixed, I will be looking around for a new place to post my blog. I would go thru everything that is wrong with it, but I am at a loss for words on just how bad it is. Sad to see you actually paid someone to destroy what worked.

    *NOTE MeetUp.com was lambasted for the same color choice.. check their forums.




    Hadn’t noticed til I read your comment, but god, it’s dire. Having said that, it does appear to be a work in progress – see right-hand side. Still sucks, though.

    The bottom line, re the previous version – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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