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go daddy is still linking my blogger to my WordPress

  1. This is going to sound weird or at least it does to me. I used to use blogger and at some point I bought a domain name through Go Daddy and had them link that url to my blogspot. I then decided to go with WordPress and imported everything. I then called go daddy and had them link my domain url to my new wordpress url instead of my old blogger url.

    This is where it gets weird.

    as I type into my Firefox browser it starts to find the url's associated with the adddress. the top hit as I am typing is my old blogger url but what is weird is when I click on that link it takes me to my WordPress account.

    It's like my WordPress is hidden by my blogger and my go daddy account. It is really bizzare. Can anyone help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you purchased the domain upgrade? Because it won't work properly until you do.

  3. I am not sure if i did. I am bad at this stuff. Thanks man I am going to call Go Daddy now.

  4. If you purchased it, it'll be on your Upgrades page.

  5. I typed and it wouldn't take. This seems to be a bigger deal than I initially thought.

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