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  1. dissfunktional

    When writing a post if one needs to place a mouse at the beginning of a sentence already written (like if I needed to place code, or a word/ letter, anything, prior to the first word above... "When you're unable to do so. You have to go to the end of the sentence prior-to to get there, or delete some of the "When". Gosh I hope I described that in some way helpful. ;)

  2. It's kind of a shame this is in Off-Topic, because THIS is how feedback should be given. It's a very useful thread. If only everyone in the forums gave feedback this way.

    Also: has anyone else noticed the direct link to the forums go poof, bye-bye? And still we were flooded. I think a direct link from the dashboard and any admin page should be restored, although I certainly understand if they wait till Monday. Still, not very facilitative for an open source product.

  3. dissfunktional

    I found a direct link to the forum up on the top right hand side of the dashboard. I used to use the one on the bottom left, it was usually there most everywhere you went. Now it's just that one tiny top right corner that I can find so far.

  4. Oh, I've yet to look there. I have a class I'm teaching in seven days, so I'd better get this stuff down by then.

    Part of the reason this thread is so useful is that it steers clear of the "I want to turn back time" thing. The fact is that whether or not we love it, we're stuck with it and so information about our preferences is irrelevant to Information about bugs in the new system is, however, HIGHLY useful to them, so that's the only kind of info we need to give to them. Everything else is just a version of the Grrrr thread or the Wahoo thread, blowing off steam.

  5. Link to forums is now at the right top of the dashboard next to the log out and profile links.

  6. I wish the search function hadn't been borked back in what was it, November? Because it's utterly useless now and I can't find those very helpful posts you wrote about Flash and Widgets. Most annoying. I'm going to start keeping a google search of the forums in my bookmarks.

  7. I like the new color but other than that, I'm annoyed. Posting photos is a royal pain

  8. dissfunktional

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