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  1. What was your childhood dream,and have you achieved it yet?
    Or did you change it overtime?

  2. I clicked thinking this was a football post :S

    I never had any goal, still a wandering soul :/

  3. Well,some people think that way.I guest you have that right too.

  4. I do not remember having any goals when I was younger, except career goals. I wanted to be a Ballerina, a Astronaut, a Marine Biologist, a Singer, and then a Marine Biologist again. I stopped wanting to do that when I realized I have a fear of being in the water, like a pool or ocean. Oh, and I can not swim.

  5. At lease you have a lot to choose from...and you came to the realization of which ones are which.

  6. Jack, You had any?

  7. I have my own business.Have had many goals,most of which have already been accomplished.You must always have something in your life as a torch to guide you through this jungle ...of which we call life.

  8. Surviving my depression, and attempting to keep my daughter sane in the process is my torch. :)

  9. One will need more than just will need water too.Since no one have all the answers it is best to search,than to think that there is nothing to search for.

  10. in the process of making it happen :)

  11. I believe my childhood dream was to own a swimming pool.

    *looks around* nope, still no swimming pool.

  12. You still have time, is not over until its over.

  13. My childhood dreamer was to be to be an Astronomer. I did not achieve it.

    However, Thanks to home computers , I can study the stars from my desk top today, as a hobby.

  14. Everything comes around,as it goes around.There is much yet to be accomplish concerning knowledge.All that we should not already here in this world.Over time humankind shall learn about the matter.It is known as... SPIRITUALITY.

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